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Beauty Sleep Essentials

Sleep and beauty are connected. Deeply. What you do and don’t do, before, during, and after your sleep, will make a real difference in how you look in your 40s and, especially, your 50s. 

Most beauty practices are done just before or right after sleep. Busy times for many. So you don’t have the time? Find it. We’ve all got the same twenty-four. It's all about your priorities. Forget the quick fixes and miracle products.

Before bed

This simple routine, once you embrace it, will set the stage for everything else you do to maximize your attractiveness…

  • Don’t eat for several hours—five or six is ideal—before you hit the hay.
  • Remove all your makeup and apply a good night cream.
  • Adopt one of these nightly facial stimulation practices: knuckle massage, Violet Ray treatment, dry brushing, or a RejuvaRoll application. Apply a RejuvaPad under your eyes. Afterward, apply castor oil on your lashes and under your eyes.

While you sleep

How you sleep matters…

  • Sleep on your back. A majority of medical doctors say it’s the best way. Celebrated beauties—Japan’s legendary geisha, for example—are all for back-sleeping. Facial wrinkles are caused by misplacement of delicate skin tissues caused during wrong or awkward sleeping positions, in places where your face contacts your pillow. Any position that creases your face, please note, is a “wrong” position. If you sleep on your side or your tummy and you’re over 35, you'll wake with puffy face and deep creases around your eyes—especially the side you slept on.
  • Use a small pillow.
  • Wear some Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches under your eyes, and on your forehead. Use our WrinkAlign Forehead Patch on your forehead as well.

Bamboo Cahrcoal Under-Eye WrinkAligns

Reduce the look of puffy eyes, eye bags, and dark cicles

  • Get all the sleep you need, and just the sleep you need. Your body will tell you. Too little or too much—both are equally bad for health and appearance.


The facial liner for a wrinkle-free face.

When you awake

A good routine, religiously followed, will make all the difference during your day…

  • Apply your favorite clay masque to freshen your face. This will greatly reduce or eliminate puffiness and any creases created during the night.

Green Essence: Kaolin Facial Masque

Detox and invigorate!

  • Perform one of the stimulating facial procedures—a different one from your choice last night. If you used VR at night, try knuckle massage in the morning. Or an ice cube application—a great energizer for the day.
  • Apply moisture day cream.
  • Drink a fresh vegetable juice—good nutrition, a fabulous waker-upper.

Build your own regimen, and you can be guaranteed terrific results.