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Anti-Aging: War and Peace

Published: (January, 2011)

Anti-Aging: War and Peace

Are we at war? Certainly looks like it. I'm talking about the war declared against our own bodies. The ammunition is all there: scalpels, injection needles, chemical cocktails of endless poisons and toxins. The consequences of war are also there: pain, blood, tears, shattered hopes and expectations, even broken lives.

Yet more and more people, ever-younger people, are joining the battle. For some, it's an ego trip. It's a war you can never win. My advice: Drop out! 

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Often, in talking about matters of health and medicine, we speak with metaphors of violence. The government declares "war" on this disease and that medical condition. An injured person "battles his way" back to good health. This drug and that surgical technique are our "weapons."

Let's not go there. Let's go, instead, for a simple, ultimately clear idea: discipline. What I teach: Take good care of your temple, so you don't violate, but rather realize yourself. Every spiritual journey starts with discipline. You're learning about yourself.  When you have done your best, acceptance comes and then gratitude. Improve what you can, and accept what you cannot.

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Am I against cosmetic surgery? For myself, yes, but every individual has to decide for himself or herself. My motto: Always look first for the natural solution--even when a problem looks impossible to solve naturally. That said, please understand I am not saying: Don't ever resort to cosmetic surgery. What I am urging is: Explore all the non-invasive possibilities first. However I can, I'll be here to show you how.

There will always be people who can't or won't go for cosmetic surgery. And, just as those seeking surgery need to know the facts, those who'd rather not submit to it need to know what to expect and what is possible if they remain "natural."

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Health and anti-aging, although vitally important, are not the ultimate goal of your existence. Good health is a condition you want to create so you can realize yourself. Though I constantly write and speak about health and beauty as my main topics of discussion, they're not, by themselves, my purpose. My purpose is to help you become and remain a happy and fulfilled person. 

In what way? By encouraging you to bring your health and appearance to the best possible level and then accepting this enhanced state  with gratitude. You must do some work to reach the first goal. The second blessedly is a side effect of staying on this path. The first goal is very satisfying, but it is this second step that will transform your life.