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Sleeping on the Floor: 5 Life-Changing Benefits

Wait! Don’t we need to sleep on a good mattress?

No. Mattress manufacturers need you to sleep on ever thicker, ever fancier, ever pricier mattresses.

Early humans and lots of tribal cultures have slept on the good old ground for millennia. And they made out more than okay. Here are 5 advantages you may not have known about which may—indeed should—get you racked out on the floor tonight.

1. No more lower back pain!

An entire medical-pharmaceutical industry has built up around back pain alone. Flat back-sleeping on a firm surface may take your lower back pain away.

2. Your body gets a stretch while you sleep.

Your whole body will benefit. Mattresses actually play havoc with the body's natural alignment, causing the hips to sink in and the lower back to collapse, much like sitting in a chair, where the body becomes tight and hunched. This is sometimes referred to as 'front loading'. This, in turn, also interferes with the capacity of the lungs and you cannot breath deeply.

When the body is deprived of proper deep breathing during sleep, this stresses the body at a time when it should be most relaxed. A soft mattress only feels comfortable because it allows the body to stay in the tight, hunched or 'front loaded' position whereas it should actually be straightening and lengthening the skeletal system during sleep. (Where did the expression 'sleep tight' ever come from, anyway?)

3. Your hips and shoulders will get aligned.

A straight wooden floor can realign your hips and shoulders into more natural, more symmetrical positions. Sore hips, sore shoulders, and pinched nerves can often be attributed to awkward mattress sleeping. Imbalanced muscles, poor posture, and misaligned bones can trap and pinch nerves. Misaligned shoulders can strain your neck and back, causing chronic pain, even headaches.

When I speak of sleeping on a hard surface, I am not referring to a 'firm' mattress or suggest you put a board under a sagging one. I mean sleeping directly on the floor on your back. Sleeping on a hard surface can give you hip bursitis if you sleep on your side so you should only sleep on your back. I have succeeded in training myself to do this, and so can you!

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4. Beautiful posture

Correct posture is very important because during sleep growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and distributed throughout the body. One of its functions is to thicken and lengthen the bones. So sleeping on a hard surface will align the spine and help the growth hormone travel through the body unimpeded.

Sleeping on a hard surface provides just the right amount of resistance we need for proper alignment, optimal breathing and healthy circulation. Sleeping on a solid surface will keep your body’s musculo-skeletal system in good tune 24-seven. Sleep on your back on a nice wooden floor, and you’ll look good, walk better than you ever have before.

5. Tranquility.

Sleeping on the wooden floor brings a sense of repose. Acceptance.As you sleep, you needn’t bother with the world, it’s troubles, the anxieties it brings. As you sleep placidly, you’ll feel no ambitions. No worries. And, definitely, no regrets.

Whether or not you sleep on a hard surface, you should still sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. Nothing will leave deeper trenches on the face and between the breats like sleeping in the wrong position. Your first few nights will be hard, but if you persevere, your body will accommodate you.

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Placing a flat pillow under the knees may be beneficial for some people, especially at first, and this has the added benefit of increasing circulation and oxygen to the brain. You may feel the need to put several folded blankets or a mattress pad underneath you. You will want to cover up with whatever you need to be comfortably warm while you sleep.

The first time I tried sleeping on the floor, it was very uncomfortable! The second was better. By the third night, I never wanted to sleep on a bed again. It will happen to you too!

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