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Benefits of Fasting

That we must eat to keep up our strength is a deep-seated belief in our society. When someone is sick, we bring a casserole. If someone dies, the family is overwhelmed with homemade dishes from well-meaning friends. But these are the times when we can benefit the most from limiting food intake.

Temporary unemployment of your mouth is actually a very good thing. Assimilation of nutrients and elimination of metabolic waste are two processes that take place in the body simultaneously. The energies of the body are at all times divided between assimilation and elimination.

The processes expelling waste and toxins from the body never stop for a moment, but they do slow down when food is consumed. Much blood is summoned to the digestive organs making digestion the most energy-draining function. When digestion is shut down, the body will mobilize all the available resources for rejuvenation. Not only the digestive organs, but also circulatory, respiratory, glandular, and the nervous systems are able to rest as well. During fasting, the body will devote every ounce of energy to healing.

But nothing can compare to fasting in aiding the elimination of waste from blood and tissues. Fasting gives the body a chance to eliminate stored poisons and heal internal wounds. During a fast, tumors, lumps, and diseased tissues of the body compete for nutrients with the functional organs and lose. They will be broken down to sustain the main organs. Waste and toxins are stored mostly in the fatty and connective tissues. As this fat gets used by the body, all toxins stored there get flushed into the blood. Anything the body cannot utilize as food must be expelled through the organs of excretion and elimination.

Fasting is not an extreme measure. It should be a part of your lifestyle. It is a necessary part of healthy living in your body, just as house cleaning is an essential chore in your dwelling. As you clean your house once a week, you should do the same for your body to give it an opportunity to get rid of the waste.

A weekly fast and raw foods will produce startling results on your face. Since salt gets eliminated first, fluid accumulation under the skin resolves itself spontaneously. The body will release excessive fluids that were retained in an effort to neutralize the salt.

Your Right to Be Beautiful

The Miracle of Raw Foods

During a fast, you can safely lose as much as 10 pounds or more in just a few days. Rapid elimination of table salt will produce the most visible improvement in your appearance and reverse the aging process. Raw food diet must precede your first 24-hour fast. For more information about the raw foods and fasting read Your Right to Beautiful and  Quantum Eating .

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