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Improve Your Posture While Sleeping

Sleep on your side, many chiropractors will tell you. Most chiropractors are men, however. What they don’t know or think of is that side-sleeping creates terrible creases on your face. If you’re over 35 and you sleep on your side or on your stomach, I can practically guarantee you’ll have eye bags and creases when you wake up. Even worse, they’ll be asymmetrical. More in my article What is the Best Way to Sleep?

Just as many chiropractors believe sleeping on your back is best for supporting the natural curves in your spine, I’ve slept on my back all my life. I believe this the best way to sleep—both for the sake of an unlined face, and for your spine as well. 


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But there’s more to it than just sleeping on your back. My suggestion…Use three towels. Roll them up, tube-shaped. Choose your own towel sizes. Fiddle till you get the lengths and diameters you like.

The first rolled towel goes under your neck. Your neck’s inward C-curve must be supported while you sleep. Initially, if you’re used to a high pillow, your neck muscles will ache. Try starting with a half-hour nap during the day, until your neck gets accustomed to this more natural position. As you persist, your neck muscles will stop complaining and become grateful. Many chiropractors believe headaches, pinched nerves, disc problems, and forward-head syndrome can be helped with this simple technique.

The second towel you use to support the lower back curve. Try a little one. It goes under the small of your back. The idea is to get your pelvis in a neutral position.



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The third towel goes under your knees. Your knees shouldn’t be straight while you’re sleeping. A slight bend will help to keep that curve in your lower back.

If you find it hard to sleep on your back, then use a middle size pillow, instead of a towel, under your knees. It will help you train your body to like this position.

At first all this will take some getting used to. But you can do it. It will become second nature to you. It’s definitely very comfortable for me. Even when I shift in my sleep, I won’t roll over onto my side—even my sleeping self knows it’s not good for me!

The three-towel method will give you the best possible alignment for your spine and internal organs. What’s more, it gives you the best position to avoid bringing creases and swellings to your face. Add this to good exercise and a sound raw food diet, and you’ve good the best beauty regimen anyone could have. Let others go to those mattress sales—you’ve got better things to do.