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Thanks so much for your interest! The number of emails I receive daily is staggering. It’s impossible for me to answer them individually.

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If your question is about raw foods or natural skincare, I can practically guarantee you can find the answer by reading carefully my books or my Beauty Blog. If it’s not there, then it’s probably outside my experience.

Using the search feature at the top of any page of query what concerns you. You’ll typically find some interesting ideas that you may find helpful.

I believe that the answers to your superior health and to your timeless beauty can not be given, but can only be gained, through conducting your own research, making your own decisions, and taking full responsibility for your actions. For that reason, I don’t give individual consultations or offer specialized guidance.

However, if your question is of general interest, I’ll respond to it in one of my upcoming newsletter or write a new Blog article.

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