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Crepey Skin…What Can You Do?

Published: (January, 2017)

Crepey Skin…What Can You Do?

Do You Know What to do for Crepey Skin?

We saw crepey skin on our grandmothers and mothers and somehow believed it would never happen to us. But the time comes when crepey skin brings horror to every woman.

Careful how you pronounce it, first. The notion is crepe-y skin. Not creepy. As in crepe—the food or the fabric. Crepe like. Although it is, come to think of it, a tad creepy.

I saw my own first crepe in my mid forties. I was lying flat in my yoga class and lifted my arm in a bent position. Right there, just above my eyes, near my elbow, there it was: an unsightly little blotch of incipient crepey skin. The darn thing startled me.

I didn't believe it. After all, I'd been eating 100% raw for a number of years. Surely that, I'd thought naively, would protect me against all signs of aging. A watershed learning: You can't just rely on good eating—great skin requires diligent skincare.

If wrinkles are formed by repeat creases in the same place, crepey skin is a more serious matter.

What can you do about it? See How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin Naturally.

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