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Under-Eye Skincare

How come you don't have wrinkles?” People often ask me. I’m “supposed to” have wrinkles, after all—I’m over sixty. Specifically, they mean the area around the eyes, one of the first places the telltale signs of aging will show on a woman’s face. The surprising truth, however, is that crows’ feet and wrinkles around the eyes may less mark age than they indicate neglect of care of this very important area of the face.

What's Special about the Under-Eye Area?

You’ll find lots of specialized “under-eye gels,” skin treatments and procedures that target what marketers insist on calling the “delicate eye area.” The fact is, however, that the skin around your eyes is much the same as the skin found on the rest of your face. This skin is not different or unusually delicate. But the area underneath the eye socket underneath is hollow, and the skin surrounding the socket simply has little underlying support. If you lose weight, this becomes even more obvious, as the skin will tend to sag more when the fat which was holding it up disappears, making the skin look thinner.

Wrinkles will appear when there changes occur in underlying fat and connective tissue—especially after age 40, when the skin does not recover as quickly. This is one reason I advise a gradual change to the raw food diet.

Watch your Facial Expressions

One of the biggest contributors to crows’ feet and eye wrinkles is facial expressions—especially grimacing and squinting in direct sunlight. Crows’ feet usually appear only after sun damage has occurred in the skin’s elastin and collagen fibers. Prevention is the key. Since sunlight is a vital nutrient, however, I never use artificial or chemical sunscreens to block it: A beautiful hat is your solution.

Try the Tape Trick

I’ve done this every night without fail for years. Purchase a product known as paper tape from a local pharmacy, along with pure castor oil. Apply the castor oil to the lashes and the area around your eye generously and then cover the wrinkles with a strip of paper tape about an inch and a half long. You can do this on your brow crease or any other wrinkle you want to work on. Sleep with this on and, in the morning, simply peel away the tape. Paper Trick is a good preventative measure, especially if your skin is firm and supple. Unfortunately, it only works for young people. If you are over 40, you'll need to use under-eye patches.

These days I use Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches instead of paper tape.


Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches

Exfoliation is Key

Exfoliation is essential in preventing wrinkles and, in a sense, erasing the ones you already have. You must increase the cell turnover rate and polish the wrinkled area by facial dry-brushing. The Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion is an excellent inexpensive option, but be gentle and careful near your eyes. Start slowly, gently and gradually build up your tolerance. Work up to a good, brisk brushing style: Your skin will only feel delicate and sensitive if you baby it too much.

Facial Brush

For a glowing complexion.

Improve Blood Circulation

Increase vitally needed blood flow to this area by using RejuvaPad. Close your lids and gently apply the pad on the ender-eye area. This practice doesn't take much time or energy, and you’ll feel the effects of enhanced circulation right away. Just be sure not to overdo at first and apply a good moisturizer right away. 


Rejuvenate your under-eye area.

Take Care of Your Internal Terrain

But let’s get real for a moment. Though these external measures do produce impressive results, they’re not enough by themselves. Incorporating more raw foods into your diet is an integral part of the whole picture. Juicing and raw foods will keep your skin hydrated and afford protection from free radical damage and the ravages of aging. Learn more in this article: Raw Foods and Eye Bags. One particularly beneficial root vegetable for getting rid of eye bags is the beet. Learn more in Benefits of Beets: Eye Bag Remedy.

These tips work for avoiding and eliminating wrinkles: exfoliation, plenty of moisturizing, increased circulation, facial exercise and of course, a gradual transition to the raw food diet. These may seem like big changes. But they really don’t take a lot of extra time and the results are beyond worth it.

Another product that I've recently added to my Online Store that is quite inexpensive, yet yields impressive results is Certified Organic Castor Oil . Rub in a small amount of this oil around your eyes before bed. It will be absorbed by morning and will protect from eye bags and dark circles. For many years, I have been applying castor oil on my eyelashes as well as around the eyes, before bedtime. Consistent use over time has brought me very satisfying results: My eyelashes have become fuller, stronger, and the skin around my eyes doesn’t develop those fine lines.

Organic Castor Oil

Beneficial effects for skin and hair.

If you are interested in getting luscious lashes to go along with your improved eye area, check out my blog article Luscious Lashes.

Facial Exercises for Your Eyes!

A little tape overnight, a few minutes of brushing and rolling, and the next stop on my list is my Rawsome Flex routine. Daily exercise for your facial muscles, including the eye area, is essential for keeping those small but mightily important muscles toned and healthy and keeping those wrinkles at bay.

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