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Dead Skin Exfoliator

What is Glow?

The healthier the skin the more it reflects light.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is the epidermis. The outermost layer consists of 25 to 40 layers of dead and dying cells. Experiments with human cell cultures show normal cells stop dividing when they touch their neighbors. To speed up the process of the reproduction of new cells, dead cells must be removed.

Mainstream exfoliation methods (scrubs, chemical peels, expensive salon treatments) fail to create a lasting glowing effect.

Have you lost your youthful glow? This remarkable beauty tool can help to:

-promote an even complexion and finer texture

-boost collagen and elastin production

-stimulate cell renewal

-and improve blood circulation

Facial Strigil… The Missing Link to Glowing Complexion

Our Beautiful on Raw Facial Strigil a remarkable beauty tool based on ancient exfoliation practices. Thousands are already using it with great results.

The Facial Strigil helps to “unglue” dead dry skin cells from your skin’s surface and give your skin a shiny and glossy appearance.

How does it work?

Secrets to Baby Perfect Skin

The History Behind This Technique

Surely, life must have been so much easier back in Ancient Greek and Roman times when your latest skin eruption wasn’t available in high definition. Well… as it turns out flawless skin was just as greatly esteemed back then, perhaps even more so, than it is now.

 Ancient Greeks and Romans applied oil to the skin and used a dull, metal tool, known as a strigil, to scrape off all the dirt and extra oil. They probably didn’t know much about the science of dead cells but this procedure would remove them in abundance.

Dry Skin... Take Control

Cosmetologists and dermatologists mostly insist on extremely gentle—sometimes downright ineffective—methods of exfoliation. I’ve never seen them recommend anything as aggressive as my Skin Scraping. As a result a glowing complexion is a complete novelty to the public that follow their advice.Strigil scraping noticeably speeds the cell renewal rate, giving you new skin in a matter of minutes. Scrape as often as your skin will permit without becoming irritated. Gradually you can build up to where you can scrape every day, even twice a day.

Skin scraping will speed up cell turnover, maximize oxygen intake, strengthen the skin's inner structure, and eventually reverse some of the effects of aging.

How to Use it

  • First, apply a good moisturizer on your face and décolleté area. Then hold the Strigil by the thicker edge and make repeated scraping strokes, applying pressure on your lubricated face and décolleté area with the thinner (sharper) edge. Remember to make gentle, upward “scraping” movements—you’re not cutting or sawing.
  • Your intent is to achieve some redness through firm (never violent or irritating) friction of the tool against your skin. You should feel no discomfort. Resulting redness should fade within 30 to 60 seconds. If redness is slow to fade, this may indicate poor blood circulation or other serious deficiency that may require additional treatments (as well as a review of your diet). Go gently, but regularly. Once a day in the evening is ideal. Be patient! You’ll see a marked improvement in your skin, but it will take time.

At the age of 56 the compliment that I receive almost every day is: Your skin is glowing. My secret is: raw foods and special beauty routine, and the Facial Strigil is a big part of it. Learn more about my beauty routine here.

It’s elegant, it’s convenient for keeping in your purse or your pocket and it takes only minutes to use. Mother of pearl is the perfect material for our Skin Stimulator. It’s thin enough to create a gentle peeling and stimulating action, thick enough for ease in handling. It holds a safe edge, never too sharp. And it’s all-natural, of course, biologically neutral in every way. Be especially gentle as you begin your new regime, till you judge just the right pressure for your skin. The experience is invigorating, and the improvement in the skin for most people almost immediate.

How to Care for Your Strigil

  • Rinse it with water after each session.
  • After using the strigil for a while, you may find your skin has adjusted and can accept more exfoliation If so, you can file the Strigil with a nail buffer to adjust the sharpness of the scraping edge. (Be sure to use a nail buffer, not a metal nail file which could chip the Strigil).

What is the Difference Between the Facial Strigil and Your Facial Brush? Which one is More Effective?