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When Feeling Good is Not Enough

Probably just like you, whenever I watch a YouTube video, I like to know what other people think about it. An especially interesting study is to read viewers’ comments after they’ve watched a video put out by a raw foods aficionado.

If a presenter doesn’t look the very picture of glowing health, comments get snarky fast. This dippy hippie looks malnourished… Looks pretty spry for a sixty-something chick, but gee her skin looks old…and the opposition favorite: I've seen 90's something people have smoother skin, and they weren't fat, and they ate the standard human diet of cooked food omnivorism... You get the drift.

When Appearance Trumps Energy and Health

The fact that a 76 year-old raw vegan can dance all night, or a near octogenarian has never needed a doctor and can do pushups and tough yoga poses doesn’t really count for these commentators. All to often appearance-nothing but the outward looks alone-rules.

I was born with a visible disability and learned early the price people put on appearances. I wrote my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful, impressed by the miracle raw foods worked on my appearance. I didn’t really expect, back then, how with age this issue of appearance would get even more biting.

Your Right to Be Beautiful

The Miracle of Raw Foods

Here’s the reality: You can spend your life spreading the word about raw foods and their benefits. But if observers don’t see signs of health in your appearance, they will let you know about it, and not always in a kind way. And don’t think if you’re not a public figure you’ll escape that scrutiny.

When You Are Floating Against the Mainstream Don't Expect Calm Waters

As a person preferring to eat raw, you defy the majority’s “rules of eating”—you don’t do it “their way.” Regarding medical care—you might see a doctor for an emergency, but you rarely need the usual medical checkups, common tests or prescription medication. On aging —you do “young” things and break the rules of what is the norm for your age. Your lifestyle makes cooked foodists uncomfortable. Your ideas and your ways challenge people to change. And many individuals don’t like it.

People will look at you harder, trying with all their ingenuity, making a huge effort to find something negative in you. Why? So they can excuse themselves. The fact that you never have headaches, blood pressure problems, heartburn, acid reflux, and no extra weight or high cholesterol — none of this will count for them if you don’t display your health externally.

How to Look Healthy on Raw Foods?

To look healthy on raw foods, along with diligently following the diet, you also need a glowing complexion and good muscle tone. Take care of your skin. Dry brushing and a daily exfoliating masque are your minimum to get by.

Facial Brush

For a glowing complexion.

Multi-Herbal Green Clay Masque

Detox and invigorate!

Paper Plates Workout

For a good exercise to build muscles, I’ve discovered the paper plates workout. Yes, I’m serious. I've found it to be very safe compared to many regular gym machines and both effective and enjoyable to use, especially if you are a beginner over 40. It can be a great addition to your already existing exercise program. You can learn more about this super-inexpensive yet super-effective workout method in this Blog article.

Don’t let these “appearance alone rules” comments tarnish your joy of newly discovered health and vitality. Do it for yourself. And do it for others, so you can provide an example for them to follow. As a most desirable side effect of a balanced raw food lifestyle, your appearance will continue to improve. Please be patient! Even physical beauty begins deep inside first, but do give it a chance to reach your outward appearance!