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How To Get Rid of Lip Lines

Published: (October, 2016)

How To Get Rid of Lip Lines

Do You Know How to Remove Lip Lines?

You see it often as women age—those vertical lines or wrinkles that form on and around the upper lip. Technically, they're called "perioral lines." More commonly: smoker's lines. And, yes, they can be caused by smoking. The problem is many women who never smoked develop them too, sooner or later. What can be done?

Lip Injections - What Can Go Wrong?

Juvederm and other lip injections—simple "procedures" that give you those big, full, movie-star lips—have side effects. Complications.

Everyone knows that because it's in the fine print. If you decide to get such a procedure, you'll have to sign a waiver saying you understand the risks and won't sue if something goes wrong. Still, you don't worry. After all, you've never actually met anyone who's had trouble, have you? Read the whole article Lip Injections... What Can Go Wrong?


Lip Lines - How can you reduce their appearance?

Your lips define your beauty—everything from your smile to your pout and the way people perceive you.

Did you know that lip exercise is the most effective thing you can do to enhance the physical appearance of your lips?

Exercises for the lips are invaluable for firming and toning the muscles around the lips (the area known as the 'orbicularis oris'), contributing to their fullness.

What's more, they are quick and easy to do. See 2 excellent exercises in my article: How To Get Rid of Smoker's Lines Naturally.

How to Prevent Lip Lines

Every now and then you see a face showing signs of aging everywhere except on the lips. On the other hand, some people may begin to develop lip lines from a very young age. In these cases, basic facial structure is often the culprit. 

However, in the majority of people, it is the gradual loss of facial bone that causes unwanted lip lines. But there is something else…

Maintaining negative emotions is a huge contributing factor.... Bitterness. Resentment. Contempt. Judgment. We begin pursing our lips in frustration or dissatisfaction, and eventually it becomes a habit. Over time, our facial muscles conform and then display the effects of these contorted expressions.

The easiest, most effective remedy is a smile. It stretches those taut lip lines naturally and very effectively.

We don't smile enough. If we'd spent more time smiling, we'd never have gotten those lip lines. Yes, we might develop lines in other places. But not those vertical, unattractive wrinkles, that's for sure.

Let's dig deeper. Why don't we smile enough?

I can only answer for myself... I haven't shown or felt enough gratitude or contentment with what is.

We don't like what other people are eating, what they're saying, how they're making a living. It's so marvelously easy to make judgments, isn't it?

What taught me most about my judgments was the mirror. Resentment, ingratitude, and other similar emotions are acidic. And quite unique acids they are: They corrode only the vessels that contain them. And they are after our lips! Seeing that, more than anything else, made me want to change.

Now, it's Fall 2016—election time. Oh, my, what a time to resent! How can you not be upset?

Oops! Remember those lip lines! And remember... Thanksgiving is on its way.

So here's my little Thanksgiving gift to you. A chapter from my book The Quantum Key: Transcending Life's Trials. You can read it immediately FREE of charge at this link.

Facial exercises will help. The RejuvaCup will help. But more than anything, what may help during this decidedly awkward season is reading this chapter, Do Not Judge-You Cannot Afford It.

I invite you to try an experiment: From now till Thanksgiving, read all or just part of this chapter every day. It will help you see the bigger picture. Bigger than the relatives' row. Bigger than election arguments. Bigger than that hairstyle or posted video that you so adamantly dislike.

The judgment we make—even silently—says more about us than it does about the ostensible objects of our judgments. When you understand that, people's actions and circumstances will start to look very different. Gradually, each judgmental thought will give way to a smile. And those lip lines will begin to disappear.