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Prepare Your Digestive System for Raw Foods

Published: (November, 2013)

Prepare Your Digestive System for Raw Foods

The raw food diet doesn't seem to work for you? The challenge, I'll suggest, is not with raw foods, but with the digestive system. It must be properly prepared to welcome raw foods, especially if you are striving towards 100% raw.

Bloating, intestinal pain and gas rank high on the list of problems for people aspiring to go raw. Here's why. Each of us has, in our intestinal system, our own unique set of microflora, which have grown up there in response to what we've been eating. A sharp change in diet means the old microflora (it is actually microfauna) won't be happy.

There's no one-size-fits-all plan. Some folks will need to take very gradual steps to successfully transition to an all-raw diet and lifestyle-and all the more gradual the older you are. Folks who experience gastritis must proceed slowly and cautiously.

Your Right to Be Beautiful

Your appearance and health are yours to choose.

If you are having any trouble sticking to raw, here's the upshot of my own experience, thousands of my readers and a lengthy review of English and Russian-language sites I reviewed to see what advice I could add to my own. Consider these steps to make your transition to raw go smoothly and, most importantly, to help you stay raw for the long haul: Continue reading How to Prepare Your Digestive System for Raw Foods.

How to Choose a Good Cleanser: Clean, But Not Till You Squeak!
Cleanse your face daily: it's an important regimen for everyone. You need to remove makeup, pollutants, bacteria and unwanted debris from your face.

But don't, please, make it "squeaky clean," to the level when you've begun to strip your skin of its essential, natural oils. Your skin will respond by making more oil. Proper skin cleansing means prepping your skin to absorb products you may put on afterwards - serums and moisturizers, for example. Clearing out your pores lets the moisturizer to penetrate for maximum effectiveness.

Gentle Facial Cleanser

A natural clean for a natural beauty.

Tips on finding a good cleanser...
1.  pick a gel or cream cleanser-less tendency to dry out your skin
2.  look for a cleanser that will moisturize, in addition to cleansing your skin
3.  choose a purpose designed skin cleanser - not a makeup remover.

A good skin cleanser removes some oil-but not all of it. Makeup removers are oil-based, so if you're using those, you'll actually be adding oil.

Bottom line: You want a product that does the job, yet as gentle as possible. You may well find your ideal cleanser in my product line.