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Dry Skin Causes

Some people, especially the ones who are thin, when adding more raw foods into their diet notice that their skin becomes very dry during the first weeks of transition. They panic that their face and hands appear to be aging rapidly.

Release of Retained Water

When begin eating more raw foods, the introduction of toxins into your body is drastically reduced and your body will begin releasing the retained water. The first several weeks are when the greatest weight loss will occur. You are losing primarily water. The main reason is that cooked food has a great deal of hidden salt in it. Your skin is losing water also, so the dryness is the most apparent there.

Detox Process

This is a temporary condition. Soon you skin will be healthier than ever. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. One of its functions is to regulate the levels of water and salt in your body. Your body is releasing water it does not need any longer. Dryness of the skin is one of the detox symptoms of the raw food diet. It will be alleviated when most of the toxins, including salt, leave the body.

The skin is divided in 3 main sections. The top layer is called the epidermis. Underneath this is the dermis, and below the dermis is the subcutaneous layer. Epidermis is what we see, but it is the condition of dermis and subcutaneous layers that determines whether or not we like what we see. You will need to give raw foods some time to work their miracle from the inside.

Water, Juices and Skin Care

You might need to drink more water during this period. But I believe daily fresh squeezed vegetable juices and green smoothies will work better. Juicing is essential for achieving a dewy complexion.

Facial Brush

For a glowing compexion

I would recommend during this time continuing dry brushing of the whole body, face included. Daily facial masks are especially beneficial to speed up the detox process and to achieve a glowing complexion.

Green Essence Kaolin Masque

Detox and invigorate your skin