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Tips for Glowing Skin

Have you noticed how some peoples’ skin looks really clear and glows as if from within, while in others it appears to be dull and almost lifeless? For the most part, the difference in appearance is due to the different amount of light that reflects from the skin to the eyes. The more light is reflected, the more beautiful the skin tone appears to be.

The Glow Comes from Within

Therefore, if you think about it, the glow really does come from within. Consider the layers of your skin: you have the stratum corneum as the most outer layer, followed by the translucent epidermis and then the dermis, which contains collagen. When the skin is young and healthy, about 90% of white light penetrates the stratum corneum of the skin, hitting several light-absorbing molecules called chromophores, such as hemoglobin in the blood, melanin in the epidermis, and collagen. Collagen is responsible for reflecting the light back to the eyes, while melanin and hemoglobin modify the color of the light. The diffused light radiates off the surface of the stratum corneum, giving that coveted, luminous glow.

Get Your Chromophores Back in Balance!

The aging process brings along the increase in dead and damaged cells, decreased cell hydration, more UV light-damaged cells and other degeneration due to exposure to environmental stressors. As a result, the balance of the chromophores is disrupted, and the light is prevented from being absorbed and reflected efficiently, causing it to scatter rather than reflect, which reduces the glow.

Diligent Beauty Routine + Juicing to the Rescue

Facial Brush

For a glowing complexion.

This is one of the reasons why I stress the importance of establishing diligent daily beauty routine, such as dry brushingStrigil scraping and daily clay masque application to ensure glowing complexion — maximum light reflection from your skin.

Facial Strigil

Exfoliate and Stimulate

Another beauty practice that will contribute to your skin glow is daily juicing. While on a lecture tour I was conducting my personal experiment: I wanted to see if I could identify people who were juicing regularly, based solely on their appearance. I am almost always right because "juicers" have that certain glow. In short, people who juice look better than people who criticize juicing. I have been juicing for many years, and it has served me well.

GlaciClear Masque

Detox and Invigorate!

I am sure you can keep your skin youthful for years to come. That is what I am striving for and have so far succeeded.