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Raw Foods: No Eating at Night

Your body will adapt to whatever you impose upon it, so long as you do this gradually. The body has amazing abilities of adaptation. But adaptation takes time. Approach any drastic change like moving to two meals per day, not eating after 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. or any other change, with caution and common sense.

Do not force yourself to start eating this little all at once, it will be impossible and you will fail. Allow yourself to take gradual steps. Giving your body time to adapt to this healthy new environment, it becomes not only possible but also extremely enjoyable. Even on 100 percent raw food diet, you still must keep upgrading and refining your diet.

Following the Quantum Eating regimen will give you a lot of energy. It is not how much food you eat that’s important, rather it is how much you assimilate. The body, when cleansed of toxins, needs little food to function with utmost capacity. For a REALLY healthy body it is backwards: the less you eat the more energy you have.

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!

Initially, as you begin going to bed with an empty stomach, the sensation of buoyancy might make you so keyed up that it is hard to fall asleep. This is because your body is adjusting. As your body adapts to this lightness, your sleep will become deeper and shorter within several weeks. After you have practiced Quantum Eating for a while, a sensation of lightness will fill your body. You will want to move, to go outside and run, leap, jump--anything to release the energy percolating through your system as this euphoric feeling.

Not eating can be exuberantly satisfying. Less food is not the same as fasting, when detox symptoms kick in. I am talking about a state in which you are effortlessly nourished by energy and 'forget' to eat. You are divinely in touch with a clarity of feeling that there is nourishment beyond just food. You stand inspired with an abundance of joy and vitality. This is how I feel when I do not eat after 2 p.m.

This is a state that is also waiting to be embraced and experienced by YOU, once you have cleansed your body of toxins, and gradually adopted the practice of two raw food meals a day.

The raw food lifestyle is as much art as it is science. At some point the concepts and ideas you have learned must yield to your own firsthand experience, Your body must be treated with diplomacy. Never allow your impatience for results to push your body into doing something it is not ready to do. Even though everyone can benefit from eating two meals per day during the first part of the day, and not eating at night, this transition to Quantum Eating must be done gradually.