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Quantum Eating: Two Meals per Day

Each time you eat more than your body needs, you put extra stress on your body. Excessive eating, even on raw foods, is a dispensed violence you perform against your body. But isn't food essential in order to survive in this world? How much food does one need?

Enough, I submit--and not an ounce more! For different people, the amount will vary greatly. The small amount that will kill one individual because of the detox symptoms it will initiate will make another live a non-aging life. Our goal should be to eat as little as possible without creating a nutritional deficiency.

Eating itself is inherently destructive. It appears that we cultivate greater life-sustaining energy through smaller amounts of food. In fact, the healthy body's daily requirements of vitamins and minerals are less than a thimbleful--a very small amount compared to what we're accustomed to believe. After a certain time, the body can accommodate little or no eating for some time. Healing properties of 2 meals per day plan have been known for a long time.

In the 1881 The Herald of Health: Papers on Sanitary and Social Science by Thomas Low Nichols, we read:
"A man in full health can live at his best on from eight to twelve ounces of dry solid food a day—wheat, oatmeal, peas, beans, &c., or their equivalents. Six ounces of dry bread and two ounces of mild cheese will afford all the elements of nutrition in amply sufficient quantity. Add a bunch of grapes, a baked apple, a few strawberries, and one may live luxuriously."

Thomas Low Nichols writes:
“[N]o child or adult should eat more than three times a day, with an interval of six
hours between meals. This will give the stomach time to rest between digesting one meal, and beginning on another. And time to rest is the great want—the way to prevent dyspepsia, and the absolute condition of cure. Four or five meals a day are what no stomach can long endure. Three meals are better; and for most dyspeptics (a person suffering from indigestion) two meals would be better still.”

The book goes further:

“Overeating is an almost universal habit, and people eat from three to five times as much as is necessary. The work of disposing of this needless food exhausts the powers of life, and is itself a cause of many diseases. Our overeating is not only a waste of food, but it is a waste of life.”

100 Days to 100% Raw

A Step By Step Guide

Oh, no! I thought. Not cheese and baked apples! Being a person whose lips have not touched cooked food in over a decade, you can imagine how I felt. So I developed a better plan.

What is Quantum Eating ? You eat 100 % raw food diet, twice per day and only in the first part of the day. All meals are consumed within an 8-hour period. In my book "Quantum Eating," I provide, step by step, the evidence as to why this way of eating provides the utmost in health and anti-aging benefits.