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Reverse Aging with Autophagy

Published: (April, 2019)

Reverse Aging with Autophagy

1. Autophagy Diet that Works!

The legendary phoenix has the capacity to recycle its own life. It ignites itself in its nest as death approaches, only to rise from the ashes, reborn. Though the phoenix is a myth, inside every one of us is an actual mechanism allowing us to renew ourselves regularly. You and I can help ensure this mechanism is on and running smoothly. The name of this mechanism: autophagy.

What in heaven’s name is that? Well, translated literally, it means “self-eating.” Yuck. Now, what is it, really? Think of autophagy as self-cleansing.

In 2016, the Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Nobel Prize for his research on the autophagy process, first proposed by Belgian biochemist Christian de Duve in 1963.

The key discovery: Autophagy—self-cleansing—is effectively turned on by fasting. Not by “dieting.” Not by “eating a bit less.” By the complete abstinence from food.

For most people, fasting is hard. Enterprising individuals are going to look for ways to make it easy. Medical and pharmaceutical researchers hope to develop a drug—seems that’s what they always do—that will initiate autophagy. They hope this will reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other diseases. They hope that by taking a pill, we can trick the body into believing it’s fasting, while actually we’re chowing down on meatloaf, as usual. 

It’s been reported that a new company, Casma Therapeutics, received $58.5 million to create new drugs to boost autophagy. Another in the endless hunt for an anti-aging drug!

Here is my view regarding why you should not place big hopes on this drug:

Life is infinite, science is finite. Think of science as a magnifying glass. The enlarged image you can see in the lens is what science can know—the rest gets cut off. As a result, infinite connections and interactions get overlooked. Thus, science never reflects life in its entirety. New anti-aging drugs get developed year after year, but none works the desired miracle. We need to work with the body, not against it.

What turns on the autophagy process? To activate autophagy in your body and start rejuvenation, you’ll need to fast.  Not by dieting. Not by taking a pill or a supplement. There is no easy way.

Read my new article about autophagy and my experience with it: Autophagy Diet for Anti-Aging.

2. “Old age is no place for sissies.” 

Comment: I would just like to say that I’ve noticed over the past several months how you so strongly bring out the negative points of aging. I love the products you offer and enjoy your newsletter, but really don't like reading quite so much about the awful little things that happen as we age, and details about why it happens.

My reply: Words have only the meaning we give them. If someone tells you you’re a short guy and you’re six-nine, you'll only have a good laugh. But if you’re four feet tall, it might hurt. I’ve always been talking about the “awful little things” that happen as we age and how to prevent them. My guess is that my recent descriptions of aging have hit a tad too close to home, and that’s what’s causing the offense. Sorry, darling! That is not me—that’s aging.

To quote Bette Davis, “Old age is no place for sissies.” I’m 61 now. After 60, a lot of “awful little things” do start to happen, like it or not. It makes sense to understand these changes. It makes no sense not to.

I was fifteen when I got my own first piece of “wrinkling inkling.” A woman about 25—a stranger, that was staying with me in the same hotel room—forewarned me that wrinkles would start appearing under my eyes as I grew older if I didn’t take simple precautions. She showed me how to apply paper tape to my under-eye area before bedtime. I remembered her advice and started following it when I turned 25 myself. Ever since, when I’ve looked at my eyes and seen how I’ve avoided those wrinkles, I send her thanks in my thoughts. In short, I want to do for my subscribers the same thing that good woman did for me.

In my work, I emphasize that you shouldn’t be afraid of aging, but instead must be prepared. And I’m happy there are many things we can do to help our bodies stay younger longer.

3. Paper Tape versus WrinkAlign

For years I used paper tape under my eyes to keep the area wrinkle-free. But in my 50s I was challenged to find something that would work more effectively. Here it is… my Bamboo Charcoal WrinkAlign Liners, in packets of two for your delicate under-eye area. We also offer a WrinkAlign Forhead Liner to keep your forhead wrikle free.

Paper Tape versus WrinkAlign Against Wrinkles

If your skin is firm, smooth, not dry, without any wrinkles, paper tape will work well with a little oil or a night cream underneath on your forehead and your under-eye area.

A big downside to paper tape…If your skin has even a hint of dryness, in the morning you’ll find your tape glued to your skin. Stripping it off is painful and will leave red patches in its wake. Removing a WrinkAlign patch is easy—no irritation whatever.

Paper taper…you must sleep on your back. If you change position during the night and sleep on your side or, worse, on your stomach, you'll end up with more wrinkles. With WrinkAligners…no such danger. If a patch is rubbed off against your pillow, it will simply fall off.

What if you already have some wrinkles and creases?...Paper tape will not work. The trouble is that tape tries to smooth out one area of skin at the expense of neighboring areas. WrinkAligners don’t get so firmly attached to the skin, so they smooth your skin exactly where you position them, with no effect on areas nearby.
Tape is cheaper per square inch, no doubt. But you can use your WrinkAligns up to three times—occasionally I reuse them up to five times.
Definitely, use paper tape where you can. But for a sure, controlled effect, WrinkAlign is the way to go!

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