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Simple Trick to Grow Long Healthy Nails

Published: (July, 2014)

Simple Trick to Grow Long Healthy Nails

Would You Like Long, Healthy Nails?

A new video I've just recorded will introduce you to a very unusual, super-simple, and cost-free practice. Anecdotal accounts claim that just ten minutes a day of this practice not only can improve the quality of your nails, but can solve many kinds of hair problems, from hair loss to premature graying to male pattern baldness and alopecia. Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How to Get Long Nails (Nail Rubbing)

How to Make Your Eyes' Whites... Whiter!

Windows to the soul... That's one of the more poetic ways to describe our human eyes. Powerful organs...potent metaphor. Eyes express more than words can ever say. They reveal, often, the very things we're trying hardest to hide. The eyes laugh. They cry. They dance and dream. Eyes let us appreciate the beauty around us, and even more they radiate the beauty within us. 

We all know how our eyes become less bright with age. The sclera becomes yellower, and more veins appear. Can you do something about it? Yes! Bright eyes with bluish-white sclera will make you look years younger. 

As with every organ, your eyes are a reflection of what's going on inside you. That's why a general cleansing, like a regular fasting, will help your eyes become brighter. But that is not all.

Eyewash or eye drops with beneficial herbal extracts, must become part of your morning routine, as regular as brushing your teeth. I started to use this product twice per day and I'm very excited how much brighter the whites of my eyes look. 

Propolis... the NATURAL antibiotic.

The anti-bacterial properties of propolis have been known across the world for ages. Propolis remains one of nature's best-and purest-bacteria-fighting agents. Research has shown propolis to combat conjunctivitis, infections, and similar conditions, and may help with cataracts. 

Propolis Soothing Drops is made using only the highest grade of propolis crystals, harvested from living beehives.

Use Propolis Soothing Drops 2 to 4 times daily-the 'maintenance' dose to strengthen capillaries and keep tissues clean, flexible, permeable. 

Best of all...Here's a truly pure, truly natural product you can trust.

Caster Oil Wonder

Castor oils has numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

1. For beautiful, strong nails, try this... Apply a small quantity of castor oil on your nails before you rub them. (See my video above) The extra lubrication will reduce the friction of rubbing. This will make your nails stronger, more lustrous, and well moisturized.

2. For thicker and longer eyelashes, rub the oil sparingly over the base of your eyelashes before going to bed.

3. For making your eyebrows grow better, apply the oil on your eyebrows with a toothbrush (not the same one you brush your teeth with, of course!) and massage for 1 min.

4. For better hair growth, rub a little of this oil onto your scalp to nourish the roots and promote hair growth, or into your hair ends to help with frizzy hair.

Rancidity is always a problem with natural oils. The greater the amount of unsaturated fat in an oil, the more likely it is to become rancid. Castor oil is nearly 100% poly-unsaturated fatty acid, which means you don't want to be using castor oil that's been sitting on your bathroom counter for many months. So my challenge was to find certified-organic castor oil that came in a small quantity and in a light-protecting glass. I couldn't find it, so I had to build my own product. The result: an ounce of castor oil, organic, and in an amber glass that protects the contents from light!