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Six Steps to Younger-Looking Eyes

Published: (January, 2021)

Six Steps to Younger-Looking Eyes

Aging Around the Eyes

Eyes reveal the soul —it’s a common saying. But what’s even more true? Your eyes reveal your age. Aging affects the area right around the eye before any other, it seems, and in the most disturbing way. It can begin as soon as your late twenties!

Age-related changes around the eyes—sagging, falling inwards, narrowing of the orbits, sidelong wrinkles that move down from the outer corners of the eye—result from several simultaneous processes. The most significant? The contraction of the circular muscle of the eye—the orbicularis oculi—and the effect it has on neighboring muscles. Deformations of this muscle tug on neighboring muscles, causing a distortion in the overall appearance of your eyes.

The orbicularis oculi tends to spasm as its ages. Because, as all muscles do, it dries out. The orbicularis oculi shrinks along the upper eyelid (almost always toward the inner corner of the eye) and along the lower eyelid (toward the outer corner). As a result, the skin begins to overhang and to lie in folds. Add to this the effects of changes in the bone structure—the narrowed orbits of the eye. This results in an appearance of inward-sinking eyes.

Sunken into their orbits with overhanging eyelids beneath drooping eyebrows, our eyes betray our age more than other indicators.

We typically blame the overstretched skin of the eyelids. But, in reality, the prime culprits behind this visual sagging are tight muscles of the forehead, temporal, and circular muscles of the eye. By taking proper care of these muscles, including daily relaxation, your eye area will improve dramaticallyYour under-eye area needs a great deal of attention. Read on to discover what I do to keep this area looking healthy and youthful.

Your under-eye area needs a great deal of attention. Read on to discover what I do to keep this area looking healthy and youthful.

2. Younger Looking Eyes in Six Steps

I turn 63 this month. Let me assure you, hitting your sixties can humble even the most ambitious anti-aging warriors among us.

Slowing down aging is partially a matter of what you’re doing now. But, even more so, it’s a product of whatever age-prevention practices you’ve been faithful to throughout the years prior to your sixties. Prevention is the real game changer.

Here are six practices you can follow to prevent your eye muscles from spasming and shrinking, and to avoid that sunken look.

1. High raw diet.

The condition of your eye area is directly related to your diet. I’ll never forget how, at age 37, I was horrified to see how my upper eyelids were beginning to hang like an awning over my eyes.

I started juicing daily and transitioned to raw. Within months, even before I was 100% raw, the awning was gone. The best part: Twenty-five years later, they haven’t reappeared! My advice? Seriously upgrade your diet and see the transformation for yourself. 

2. Sleep on Your Back.

Your under-eye area needs extra-special attention. Not all of the steps you should take will be obvious. Sleeping on your back is one example. It is a must. More information in the article What is the Best Way to Sleep?. Use Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye patches every night. If you find it difficult to sleep on your back, use Bamboo Charcoal Under-Eye Patches during the day.

3. Massaging Your Under-Eye Area. (Watch my video above!)

Massage your under-eye area with certified organic castor oil every night before going to bed. Use your fingers first. Then do a few seconds of gentle cupping massage with our RejuvaCup for the under-eye area. It’s very effective, but not immediate. You’ll need to do it regularly for a few weeks until this area will begin to respond favorably.


4. Micro-Needling of the Under-Eye Area

Micro-needling is a good practice for the area under your eyes. Good circulation is essential to bring fresh blood and good nutrients in, and to remove toxins from the eye area.

Our RejuvaPad has 64 micro-pins comprised of copper and iron, for a gentler, noninvasive action. Some of the iron needles are plated in zinc and some of the copper needles are plated in silver. This allows for a beneficial process called electrophoresis to take place—a unique benefit the Derma Roller doesn’t offer. Watch my video on the left

5. Facial Exercises for Droopy Eye Lids

An all-natural way to relieve droopy eyelids is through facial exercise. Your eyelids are part of a muscle ring around the eye. There are a few exercises for droopy eyelids that can tone your eyelid muscles. 

You might be asking: Won’t this tighten the already tight orbicularis oculi?
No. Here’s why…You create a stretching pressure in this muscle with your fingers. Then, by contracting the muscle, you’re actually stretching the muscle’s collagen fibers, evening them up and restoring their function. These exercises will prevent your orbicularis oculi  from becoming tight and rigid. Exercising this muscle will prevent it from drying up and shrinking.

6. Keep Your Sclera Youthful 

And finally, you must not forget about the condition of your eyes. The light part of the eye is called sclera. And one scientific study on a substantial sample of women in Europe found a correlation between the color of your sclera and how old you’ll be perceived. Here’s how the study went…

Older faces feature darker, redder, and yellower sclera than that of younger faces. Researchers cosmetically altered a subset of faces to increase or decrease the darkness, redness, or yellowness of sclera. Faces with lowered sclera darkness, redness, or yellowness were perceived to be younger than faces with increased sclera darkness, redness, or yellowness. What’s more, the same manipulations also caused faces to be perceived as more or less healthy, and more or less attractive. Sclera color, the study showed, is a cue for perceptions about age, health, and attractiveness.

A clear, milky-white sclera is decidedly linked with health and beauty. And it’s usually the first part of the eyes to show signs of aging. The sclera adopts a slight yellow or brown hue with age.

I believe that a natural eye wash can help. In my opinion, a propolis water extract is the best. More information in Propolis Water Extract.

Wrinkles and Miracles and Reasonable Expectations

Early in December, a customer bought some of our Under-Eye and Forehead WrinkAlign patches. Just before Christmas, the lady wrote to us, complaining the WrinkAlign patches had failed to remove all the wrinkles under her eyes and on her forehead.

Wow! Three weeks, and she’d been expecting all that? If you want to believe in anti-aging miracles, I’m not your girl. And my products aren’t for you. (No one’s are, you'll learn it soon enough.)

I preach daily caring for your skin. And I practice what I preach. I use our WrinkAlign patches faithfully every night and expect you to do the same. That nightly ironing and smoothing your forehead and under-eye area will prevent wrinkles from appearing. 

Aging doesn’t take time off. It doesn’t observe holidays. Doesn’t allow you sick days, “mental health” days, or time to goof off. Aging is on all the time. Thus, your efforts to combat aging must not take a day off either.

When you’ve had a stressful day, you especially need your WrinkAlign patches. They’ll relax and remove the tension that you might have accumulated in these areas during the day, removing the very ground source for future wrinkles. Consider adding our Cheek & Chin Sling. It will prevent your jowls from hanging, by supporting them during the night.  

Yes, it takes a few minutes every night to apply these patches. It will take a few weeks to get used to keeping them on all night. But think long-term. Dedication and time will make your effort pay off.

The results will be not be a miracle. They will not be magic. They will, however, be entirely impressive. One thing’s for sure: You’ll be much better off, in warding off aging, than your peers who were just wishing for miracles.

They are for a big disappointment. The only miracle available to us is your skin’s marvelous ability to rejuvenate, given appropriate care. And it’s working every day, so I encourage you to tend wisely to your skin every day.