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Propolis Water Extract

We all know how our eyes become less bright with age. The sclera becomes yellower, and more veins appear. Can you do something about it? Yes! Bright eyes with bluish-white sclera will make you look years younger. 

As with every organ, your eyes are a reflection of what’s going on inside you. That’s why a general cleansing, like a regular fasting, will help your eyes become brighter. But that is not all. 

Eyewash or eye drops with beneficial herbal extracts, must become part of your morning routine, as regular as brushing your teeth. I started to use this product twice per day and I’m very excited how much brighter the whites of my eyes look.

Propolis, a natural resinous substance, shows fantastic results in protecting our eyes and strengthening them against the effects of aging. Propolis is a substance found naturally in tree buds and sap, and is collected by honey bees for use in their hives. It’s what holds their hives together, the mortar that makes their home stay strong and firm.

Propolis is notable for its viscosity and bonding ability, but the true potential of this wonderful substance comes from the more than 250 chemical compounds that form its essence.

Recently, propolis has become the target of much medical research, showing promising results in allergy treatment, antimicrobials, and oral hygiene, to name but a few of the research directions. Propolis has promising effects on cell regeneration, with remarkable potential to benefit our body, especially our eyes.

Propolis works by overriding the effects of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs), which build up in the body. AGES are waste substances linked to a number of diseases, including diabetes and various degenerative diseases. AGEs are hugely harmful and can damage any or all of the cells in our body. Propolis, however, can go quite a long way in reversing these effects and countering the damage that AGEs do.

Though propolis is relatively new to Western medical science, it’s been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. Water-extracted propolis works by stimulating normal cell growth, improving the body’s natural state and helping it overcome common problems and degenerations, especially those that affect the eyes. The water propolis extract is suitable for external and internal use.