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Skincare for Your Skin Type

Published: (June, 2020)

Skincare for Your Skin Type

Here’s an email I received recently…

Dear Tonya, it might be helpful to some of us if you’d give advice for using your many beauty products systematically, by skin category and skin type.

Great request. And totally expected, since about every cosmetic company out there has an array of products catering specifically to dry skin, oily, sensitive skin, and so on. If your skin is oily in one part of your face and normal in others, you’ll be offered a combination skin care product group or regimen.  

It is what you are used to hearing. A message built around this concept: Skincare for Your Skin Type.

I’ve got to admit, it is a great idea in one way—great for the company, that is. Catering to all sorts of “skin types” (the more the merrier!) increases their range of products and boost sales. But can they honestly promise that these products will somehow transform your skin to normal?

 Consider an analogy…

Our medical system works by addressing symptoms. If you have diabetes, you get this drug. If you have high blood pressure, you get another. The mainstream approach to skin care is fundamentally the same.

What’s different with me and my company?

Yes, business growth is a good thing. But for me, it’s never been a primary goal.  My prime focus? Delivering highly effective anti-aging solutions for me and for my customers. I’m after what works.

I want you off medications. I want you off any specific skincare products that deal with skin symptoms. Instead, get to the root of the problem… and take steps to make it normal.

Looking back, I marvel at how easy it was to look youthful in our 40s and even 50s. But in our 60s? Well… they’re way more CHALLENGING. ⁠

What makes the difference in your complexion at age 60 and beyond is what you did or didn’t do in the decades before. ⁠

⁠Here’s a practice I’ve been following for 20 years—facial dry brushing…⁠

Whatever your age, a diligent, deliberate beauty routine can do wonders for your complexion. Watch a new short video on the right where I perform the dry brushing of my face.

My methods will provide you with great anti-aging benefits. But you cannot use them if you settle on the fact that you have an irregular skin type. 

Dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin simply will not let you have a vigorous daily skincare routine. Result: Your skin will age faster. Some examples…

Dry skin will give you lots of flaking if you start dry brushing it.

Oily skin will give you breakouts if you perform a cupping massage.

Sensitive skin with give you inflammation if you exfoliate it by any means.

Steps to Transform to a Normal Skin Type

So, what do you need to do make your skin “normal?” Here’s what I wrote in my first book Your Right to Be Beautiful almost 20 years ago. And it’s as true today as it was then:

“The blood of a healthy person is beautiful. The red blood cells are uniformly round. The blood in a body full of toxins is contaminated with pathological bacteria, abnormal proteins, and parasites. A diet high in meat and dairy products increases the stickiness of your platelets. When red blood corpuscles clump together, the condition is called Rouleau or “sticky” blood. Rouleau, this clumpy, unattractive blood, appears 5 to 20 years before symptoms of illness present themselves. It is an early messenger of hundreds of degenerative diseases…and numerous skin blemishes. “

So, how do you transform your skin? First thing… Remove offensive foodstuffs from your diet. Add daily juicing. Do this for 4 to 6 weeks. Will you have the complexion of you dream right then? No—not yet. But now your blood is clean enough, so you can start training your skin to increase your cell turnover, therefore to age slower.

Testimonials tell us dry skin, oily skin, and many other health issues disappear when the body gets a chance to heal. A change of diet—embracing raw foods, especially—will get to the core of the issue and the cure for the trouble. This and not some product adjusted to cope with your skin’s supposed “type” will address your real skin issues.

If changing the diet wasn’t challenging enough, you’ll need to have some nerve for this next step. Things will get worse before they get better. You’ve been on a clean, mostly raw diet for 4 to 6 weeks, but it doesn’t mean your underlying skin tissues are all free of toxins, fibrosis, hardening capillaries, vascular sclerosis, muscle atrophy, or the deterioration of muscle fibers.

Unfortunately, the effects of your past choices including an unhealthy diet, excessive sun exposure, and skin neglect can’t all be eliminated in such a short time. But your skin can improve dramatically if you brace yourself and are willing to go through a period of skin-cleansing reactions. It is an unavoidable necessity.

For example, if your skin was dry and you begin a dry-brushing routine, your skin will start shedding a lot of dead cells. If you haven’t exfoliated your skin in years, this process of excessive shedding might last for a few weeks. You must go through it. But soon your skin will be trained to renew its cells with youthful regularity.

Getting back to the original question—How to use my products for varied skin types…

My cleanser and skin creams and moisturizer are very gentle, so you can use them for any skin type. That said, I always recommend that newcomers to my website first read my books before buying my skincare products. 

Begin, at least, with my ebook Guide to an Ageless Face. My methods are based on the fact that skin has, in a sense, two sides—the visible and the hidden. You can’t improve your skin condition if you care only about what’s happening on the outer, visible side of your skin.

This understanding is basic to all I do. Without our sharing that understanding, I just can’t help you in any meaningful way. But if you are willing to do your part, we can get really somewhere together. And what is that part? It’s this: addressing the inner side of your skin with a major diet upgrade and juicing. 

Also, you’ll be using my beauty tools, first super-gently and cautiously, then daily and diligently, and your skin will most certainly respond. Ultimately, your complexion will stand out as exceptional among your peers.