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Tonya’s Daily Beauty Routine…

Can You Overdo It?

An Instagram comment…

Tonya... I own almost all your products. I seriously wonder how you can use all of them regularly. Please elaborate on your actual routines. Most of us don’t have time even to do the Violet Ray let alone the rest, thanks to our busy lifestyles. And wouldn’t using every one of these products be too harsh on the face? Honestly, I find the suction cup quite scary—it’s stretching your skin. I get how a lot of the facial practices initiates your skin to rejuvenate. But don’t you believe, too, that one can also overdo things?

My answer:

It might seem that a person who says she doesn’t have time even to do the Violet Ray is in no danger of suddenly diving into the complete range of Beautiful on Raw products. But it does actually happen. It’s a common, entirely human thing…

Let’s do it all!

That’s why I’m forever advising that you should add one practice at time. Try it. Perform it regularly for a few weeks. Get your skin used to it. Then add another practice or product as it feels right.

Listen for your body’s feedback as you go. Keep the practices your skin likes and create your own beauty routine. Now, consider: Can a person following this principle overdo it? Not likely.

Let’s be clear. Using every single product on the same day would be too harsh on your face. Simply put, don’t do it. I’ve never advocated using all my products. Beautiful on Raw offers a range of products aimed at meeting a range of different needs.

I have used every one of my products. I’ve used every one of the beauty practices I advocate. All have been beneficial—of great value to me in promoting health and anti-aging.

Of course, I do not—each day—use every single product I sell. I do not—each day—perform every beauty practice I’ve ever recommended.

As to my own actual current routines…

I’ve been taking fastidious daily care of my skin since my early thirties. However busy I was, regardless of personal hardships or whatever world’s calamities surrounded me, I made the time to take that care. As I grew older, I gradually added various practices, training my skin along the way. And now, it responds favorably to what would be, for many, “overdoing it.” But you can’t do it all at once. My slogan? Go gradually and your skin will love you for it.

Acti-Mask Charcoal Facial

Cleansing Mask for Poreless Complexion

My daily skincare routine varies. But it tends to look something like this…

Every morning:

  • Masque (5 minutes) alternating a different mask every week
  • Cupping (1-2 minutes)
  • Strigil (1-2 min)
  • Eye Serum. Glow or Rose & Pearl

Every evening:

  • Cleanser, Facial Brush or RejuvaRoll (5 min)
  • Violet Ray (5 minutes)
  • Night Cream or Serum, Castor oil on my lashes
  • Forehead WrinkAlign patch before bed
  • RejuvaPad for a few seconds just before applying Under-Eye patches

My Morning and Evening Beauty Routine:

My skincare regimen takes about 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes evening as a minimum. If I add facial exercises or facial knuckle massage to my morning routine, hair care (VR or RejuvaRoll) and Venus Cups on my body (occasionally) to my evening practice, my total beauty routine will be about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening. I feel that is what I need since I entered my 60s. And that is what it takes when you get to be 60+ to have an exceptional complexion among your peers and to avoid a receding hairline.

I am in the business of developing and selling beauty books and products. That said, my real business—the part I care about from the heart—is achieving the best possible anti-aging results for myself and my followers. So, let’s get real…

Owning my beauty products is of no value whatever. They have no magic power. To find their real value, you need to use them responsibly and intelligently, with respect for your current skin condition, and without overdoing that use. That means, “Go gradually.


Bring Glow to Your Skin

We all have busy lifestyles! And we all have 24 hours in a day. If you can’t find 30 minutes a day to attend to your skin, what does that mean? You might expect me to say: Find that time. You must… No. If you have trouble finding the time, it may simply mean that skincare isn’t your passion. I get it. So, do what you can. You’ll succeed in what you give your attention to and what you prioritize.

But if skincare is your passion, stay with me. Aging for you will be fun!

Cupping Massage is Scary

Now, what about those scary suction cups? Most people have that feeling at first. Consider, though, that millions of women are apparently unafraid to have other people inject toxic matter into their faces. BOTOX… don’t get me started.

You’re not alone in thinking that cupping can stretch your skin. Cosmetologists and dermatologists are placing this fear into people’s minds. That is why the state of the skin in mature women can be described as sad. If you’re concerned, you needn’t do cupping.

RejuvaCup HD

Rejuvenate Your Face and Keep Your Wrinkles Away

I, however, am not afraid, and I have done daily facial cupping for at least ten years. I appear to be quite unstretched and altogether unsagged.

I said it before and I'll say it again: No, it won’t stretch your skin. If it did, I’d have facial skin drooping to my knees. In truth, cupping will tighten and firm your skin. People who tell you that cupping can damage your face must not want you to have a beautiful complexion. You can find more information in this articles:

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