Amazing, Honest, Straight from the Heart

As an avid reader and believer in raw food living, I have spent a small fortune on books. The time to read is always so valuable, so when a book is informative it is worth the time spent. With most books, reading and getting to the point of valuable information is very much like digging for gold. You dig and dig and maybe after a lot of digging you find something and so it goes on. However it was different with your book "Your Right to Be Beautiful" which I purchased recently. The knowledge, information, advice, experience and to the point writing style was absolutely appreciated and valued. There are so many so called authors today claiming their fame and I have had first hand experience purchasing and reading all their wonderful weight lost testimonies, love stories, and websites. Tonya you have a very loyal and ardent fan here in Asia. You most definitely are my RAW FOOD GODDESS! My standards are high and I guess one of my weaknesses is intolerance to imperfection. Thank you! your story is not only amazing but honest, straight from the heart. Absolutely informative, convincingly truthful and precise! Every penny spent was worth it.