Can't Stop Reading the Blog

Dear Tonya, yesterday I came across your blog and I couldn't stop reading it. It must have been one of the most interesting and exciting lifestyle and beauty regimen blogs that I have ever come across, and your ideas are very bold and revolutionary. Where do you get that boldness and confidence to go against the mainstream beliefs?

I like your spirit, it is wonderful and I think that I'm on the way of becoming your fan! It is difficult to look at you and your perfect skin and not agree with the beauty regimens you have created. However, I'm 47 and have been the best part of my life believing and following Dr. Hauschkas philosophy with no use of night cream and no heavy scrubbing. I thought that I have been bold and different from others since most people use night creams and do at least some exfoliating on their face, but now I'm reading that you actually encourage to do it daily!