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Dry Skin Remedies

There can be various causes of dry skin and some examples are as follows:

* Eating commercially grown produce

* Nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin E

* Oil glands not providing sufficient supply of oil to the skin

* Environment with low humidity

* Use of harsh chemicals

Go Organic

It's possible that consuming non-organic produce is drying you from the inside. We care about what we eat, so we eat the most nutritious fruits and vegetables we can find. But the mere choice you make at the market isn’t enough. You must be sure there are no toxic chemicals left on your produce. Buy organic whenever you can. If organic produce isn’t available, or if you simply want to take that extra precaution, add a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of water and soak your produce in there for a few minutes.

Shower Filters and Soaps

I’ve heard of people eliminating eczema, even after years of suffering. After every shower they would find their skin extremely itchy. The remedy: Install a shower filter system—a simple, do-it-yourself process—to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals. See this website for more information:

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Filtration, along with eliminating standard commercial bar soaps, can bring great relief from dryness. Within days, this can completely eliminate an eczema problem. Chemicals of any kind, coming to us via water, soap or through the foods we eat, result in our bodies wanting to reject these foreign particles, which are damaging the body’s exterior and interior. Eating organic raw foods and drinking filtered water—drinking vegetable juice from organic produce is even better!—further aids in maintaining healthy skin.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, accounting for about 16% of our body weight. Our skin sheds about 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells almost every minute of the day, though we rarely notice it happening. The skin actually sheds a layer of these dead cells every 24 hours, and completely renews itself in about a month. Talk about rejuvenation!

Once the agent that causes dryness is removed, your skin gets back to its normal, moist condition and you can achieve that glowing complexion you are after!

Keep Looking

If you are unhappy with your dry skin, keep looking for a solution. Could it be that your cooked food is drying you from the inside? Or that your commercial fresh raw fruits and vegetables are delivering drying toxins? Or might even your juices contain residues of pesticides from non-organic produce?

There are, of course, other causes for dry skin. Some examples, with likely cures …


  1. Low-humidity environment
  2. Nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin E
  3. Oil glands not supplying a sufficient supply of oil to the skin


  1. Get a humidifier.
  2. Eat a handful of soaked nuts every day.
  3. Dry-brushing, removing dead skin, and freeing your glands to produce natural oils.

Whatever the cause of your dry skin, there is a remedy. Begin with the inside—nutritious raw foods free of chemicals and pesticides. Give your skin the right environment and dry-brush every day to free up your skin’s own healing processes so it can work for you. Yes, you can have good skin—naturally!

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