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How to Prepare for Gray Hair?

They want that certain hue. Jennifer has it. Or that favorite model or starlet wears it. That’s why many young women color their hair. But the moment you have to color to cover gray, you begin to wonder why you ever colored it for any other reason. That’s when you begin to detest the practice, yet you persist. The truth is gray makes you look older. A person who looks good with gray hair—even sexy—seems to be one in a million. How can you be this one?

What Color to Use?

Now when I do color, there’s the question of shade and brand. I’ve been looking for perfection since I started. I want the most natural materials, easy application, and great coverage. I’m still looking, but do like: Tints of Nature and Naturcolor. Recently I'm using Herbatint.

There’s also this company worth looking at: myhairprint. They claim their product allows us not to dye, but to restore gray hair to its original color. The whole process seems rather involved to me. For some people it might take up to 3 hours.

One of my readers wrote to me: "I've discovered a perfectly natural color, that's made 100% of organic plants and covers grey hair perfectly. The producer is from India, here's the link to one webpage that sells them online:" This one looks very promising to me! Check it out!

When to Stop Coloring Your Hair

A couple of years back, I produced a short video: How to Grow Long Hair. One person wrote to ask at what age I think is a good time for a woman to stop coloring her hair. And once you’re at that age, she asked, how do you go about transitioning to natural gray?

Every one of us will have to decide for herself. It’s a significant step for us individually, perhaps with some effects on our loved ones, too. Say my mom and my husband: Stay where you are, Tonya. Don’t go gray. Not yet. (Nick rather likes, I believe, the notion that others may think he’s running around with a younger woman. When I go gray, that little dream is gone.)

Gray hair does age us. There are exceptions. Touring for my raw food presentations, I’ve met several lovely gray-haired women. Every time I meet such a woman, I get the feeling she must be someone special. She doesn’t hide her age. She wears it.

After looking at numerous heads and faces, I believe you’ve got to meet several conditions in order for gray hair to work…

A great complexion…Gray looks good on a wrinkle-free face. You can have that face. Wrinkles are optional. Sound daily skincare isn’t.


Facial Masque with Turmeric

You need a daily masque application. I put mine on first thing in the morning. Two or three minutes will do nicely. Then take it off with a masque removing brush. A clay masque soaks out excess oil and impurities, toning the skin. Your masque removing brush exfoliates—instantly your skin looks fresher. Learn more in my ebook Guide to an Ageless Face.

Guide to an Ageless Face

Tha Smartest Skin Training System

Full, healthy hair…No baldness at the temples. You’ll need give daily attention to your scalp—both hair stimulation and nourishment.

Good posture and a slim physique…Raw foods will help you reach your ideal weight and fitness. See my books for more.