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Thank you for great products and wonderful packing job

Hello!! I just received my order (2 jars of the mask and 2 jars of your cream, with the two facial brushes and the book, Rawsome Flex) !! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will be trying the cream very shortly - which, by the way, smells good enough to eat! I wanted to also mention - again - how much I appreciate the WONDERFUL packing job! I think you told me last time that your husband does all the packaging. I have NEVER seen packaging done so neatly, and safely! Wow! Can't wait to get your latest book Raw Food and Hot Yoga, which I ordered just before the above order. Tonya, I have been thinking about you a lot recently, and also about your book, Quantum Eating. I have had that book for quite awhile now, but just recently got serious about reading it. WOW!!! I am sooo impressed! You have motivated me!

-P. (April, 2009)