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Hard to Believe its Me

Hi Tonya, in January, I will be raw for almost a year now (ok, I am mostly raw and yes 100% raw on some days)...I do facial exercise (2 years)...and these new rollers have made a big difference in my skin (started 8/12). For the first time in forever, I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see. That was happening already but this has clinched it.  I think that I am getting these great results b/c of my raw lifestyle and the exercises that already made my face toned and properly contoured. I still use your RejuvaRoll on my hair (new hair!!!!!) and on my face 3x a week. I think the combo of both rollers is perfect for me....I am getting compliments for the first time and this quick turnaround has to be aided by being raw...It actually makes me want to stay raw!!! I am VERY happy....everything is finally coming together...the weight has come back ( i was terribly thin from going raw and looked bad)....the exercises after 2 years has given my face the volume and contours it had....and I'm getting rid of some wrinkles in the corners of my mouth that made me look old and forlorn.  My skin is thickening and plumper (younger looking) and my large pores are small...its really hard to believe its me. I will always owe everything to you!

Shelley S. (October, 2012)