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I'm blown away in each chapter [Quantum Eating], savoring each word.

Hi Tonya! I have written you before to say thank you for your wonderful books and inspiration while I research the raw food diet. I've been going back and forth with it for years. I recently bought a copy of one of your talks on raw foods, during the seminar you speak about the ability for raw foods to clean your blood in as little as three weeks! That sparked something inside me to try going 100% raw again. Today it has been 3 weeks and I'm very excited about that even though I might be experiencing some detox symptoms.

I decided to re-read your book Quantum Eating and it just amazes me how much thought and how much wonderful information is in this book. I'm blown away in each chapter, savoring each word. I even bought Dr Malkmus's books after hearing about him in the book and cd lecture I purchased. Anyway! You are seriously an incredible woman, and I look up to you a lot. I hope to read as many books as you in my lifetime as well as experience the best life and body, and spirit possible on raw foods. From your fan,

Anne (November, 2018)