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I couldn't put it down!

Hi Tonya 
It is quite some time now since my copy of Quantum Eating arrived. I couldn’t put it down till I'd read it from cover to cover and I wanted to contact you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book but somehow haven't gotten around to it because of not knowing where to start … 

Without knowing why, it felt really important for me to obtain your book right from the moment of first seeing the title although the word "Quantum" at first filled me with fear and the old pattern of thinking took over making me think that it would be beyond me. I put off ordering it for a while, but the desire to read it would not go away, so although I couldn't really afford it, especially with the extra shipping costs to the UK, in went the order. How thankful I am now. Little did I know how important it would be in so many different ways. It confirmed things I had been feeling about eating - or not eating - for quite a while. 

With an absolute knowing from childhood that it was wrong to kill our fellow creatures and then 40+ years of commited vegetarianism and near veganism (only eating eggs from a friend's pet hens), I knew that eating raw was now so important, and not just for health reasons. There was this strong feeling that there was so much more involved that had to do with control, freedom, etc., but I didn't really understand it and sometimes thought it must be laziness although there was this feeling that it was all somehow part of the spiritual journey I've been pursuing for some years. It wasn't just me who thought I was losing the plot! I hope this explains, albeit poorly, the importance of your wonderful book. It helped me realise not only was I not losing my marbles but that my gut feelings and intuition could be trusted and I truly am on the right track ... 

I had been saying how important your chapter on the "Three Empties" was and how helpful the advice about dealing with hoarding. I had been struggling to part with sacks filled with clothes which were too big for me since losing a lot of weight when I cut the fats out of my diet to overcome diabetes. So a few days after reading your book ... off went lots of sacks to the animal rescue charity shop together with lots of bedding and linen etc. for the Rumanian orphanages supported by a local group.

S (July, 2008)