Tremendous Changes in My Body and Health

I have several of your books, and shampoo, and hair tonic, is how I found about this website when I ordered the hair tonic from another forum last year in August. I have been using the hair tonic since last year in August faithfully 2 times a day and massaging with the roller bed and other methods of massage to the scalp. I have went on a fast and cleanse again since I did it four months ago, and have notice tremendous changes in my body and health and also going raw which I love. I love preparing my meals most of them the night before work and finishing in the mornings. At my job while they are eating donuts, cakes, celebrating birthdays with all sorts of sugery foods. I'm eating on my celery, apple, pair or a raw meal I prepared. Yes I still celebrate with them, but I'm sipping on green juices that I juiced that morning, or a hot cup of tea. I have changed my whole attitude about food since changing over raw.