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Your Program Works

Hi Tonya, I have been on your program for about two years now.  I do a lot of reading.  I find your articles, books and products to be the best and most influential in making a difference. I have referenced some of your bibliography resources. I use the masque and brush, dry brushing, violet ray, pins, hair tonic, cream, gum, diet and face exercises.

I live in NYC and basically walk around the city “making funny faces” and generally nobody cares. Or if they notice they just ignore me. I do not practice yoga (will get it into my schedule at some point) and do practice regularly pilates, heavy weight training and cardio. My endurance and strength has increased beyond what I ever thought I could do.  My whole body, face and neck has changed  for the better. I truly glow. I look 10-15 years younger than my age of early fifties and feel even younger. The gum is amazing.  A fabulous exercise for the jaw and aids digestion. I feel good and I receive compliments almost every day. I consider myself in transition as I am still  “detoxifying” and it is a lovely, at the same time frustrating and thought provoking journey. I highly value your  research and passion to the anti-aging process. At some point I will send you before and after pictures. Please keep the articles, insights, books and products coming. With much thanks.

M. (November, 2011)