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Your work really touched my life.

Dear Tonya,
Just wanted to say "thank you" for your work. It's an email I've been wanting to send for some time. I started my raw vegan journey in 2005 after my son was born. Prior to that, I was a vegetarian since I was a young girl. It wasn't until I discovered your book in 2016 that I have stuck with my raw vegan diet (95% on average), and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I read and re-read your two books "Your Right to Be Beautiful" and "Quantum Eating" to stay inspired and on the path. I tell everyone about your first book and had given plenty of it out as a gift. I am 40 plus, but people sometimes think I am a teenager, and I am regularly complimented for being "beautiful." I too love
hot yoga (even before finding you). The raw food diet and hot yoga keep my body looking like a young girl, just like you said.

I just ordered 5 jars of your beauty cream. Can't live without them. Your work really touched my life. I followed Natalia Rose (read all her books) and Fully Raw Kristina before finding you. But it was you who kept me passionate and inspired. I love the science of raw food and look forward to your next book.
Thank you again! Love you!
With love and gratitude,

Laura (March, 2020)