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Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

Sweat and exercise ... I'm in! I am a big promoter of Bikram “hot” yoga and all the life-changing benefits that flow from its practice. But what if you don't have access to a hot yoga studio? You can go without the heat - regular exercise and yoga are valuable on their own. But for thorough detoxification, it's essential that you sweat deeply through your skin, and regularly.

We're bombarded on every side every day by toxins and the life-draining effects of our modern lifestyles. They hit us from every angle. Yet we also have an arsenal of weapons to nullify the harmful effects of these assailants on our health and beauty. One of the most powerful of our weapons is an ancient one, and simple: a deep, cleansing sweat.

The Far Infrared Sauna - FIRS, for short - just might be your answer. What's infrared? Basically, it's heat. But be careful. Don't confuse FIRS with any old infrared. This is not - not usually, anyway - the sauna down at the club. Nor is it your daddy's tanning bed - that's ultraviolet. And it definitely isn't your grandma's sunlamp. This ingeniously designed invention, the Far Infrared Sauna, is taking the raw foods community by storm, and with good reason. The FIRS is hot, hot, hot, in more ways than one! If you can't get to Bikram yoga for whatever reason, you can get the next best thing for a deep, detoxifying sweat: an infrared sauna.

The sun's warming, healing rays of the sun are actually a mixture of visible and invisible rays. The healthy far infrared rays - not to be confused with much less desirable ultraviolet rays - are warming, cleansing and revitalizing to the cells of your body. Far infrared radiation is essential to all life for maintaining health. Far infrared rays are completely safe and natural. As a matter of fact, hospitals even use something similar to keep newborns warm.

Far infrared rays penetrate deep into joints and tissues, helping release toxins without the harmful effects of overexposure to solar radiation. Using special carbon/ceramic heaters, infrared saunas generate the same type of heat generated by the sun and even by our own bodies, delivering powerful therapeutic and detoxifying effects without the intense, stultifying atmosphere that makes old fashioned saunas unbearable for many.

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Instead of just heating the air inside the unit, a far infrared sauna raises your body's core temperature, stimulating three vital body systems - your lymphatic, immune, and cardiovascular systems. This produces profuse sweating, and when the water in our bodies resonates with the far infrared rays, it produces a deep cellular detoxification. Nothing contributes to anti-aging more than cellular detoxification and rejuvenation. What’s not to love?

The deep, invigorating warmth relaxes muscles, and increases circulation and oxygen flow, assisting greatly with stretching. You can choose a unit big enough to do stretches while inside, or simply want to warm up before commencing your regular exercise routine. We all know the best way to get maximum stretch while reducing the risk of injury is to have your muscles thoroughly warmed up first.

These far infrared saunas have lifetime warranties, easy assembly and come in a variety of sizes. They're built with the highest quality cedar, known for its many health-enhancing benefits (Anastasia fans might appreciate this). Cedar is also inherently anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, thanks to the cedar oil it contains, making it the ideal choice for a sauna environment.

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Looking for that extra edge to propel you to the ultimate in detoxification, rejuvenation and glowing health? Consider one of these far infrared saunas. It's the perfect alternative if you can't get to Bikram yoga. And whether yoga's part of your game or not, you'll find the Far Infrared Sauna truly an investment in your most precious asset - your health.