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Upcoming New Ebook

Published: (February, 2017)

Upcoming New Ebook

Should You Go Raw?

My new ebook, The Raw Food Phenomenon is unique, because it will do for you what no other book has done in the past. It will not be showing you how to go raw. Instead, its aim is to help you decide whether you should go raw.

Some will think that's an unusual approach. Don't I, after all, presume everyone should go raw? Actually, no. While it is true that everyone would benefit from eating raw foods, going 100% raw is a very special thing—one that brings deep changes to your life.

When I was writing my earlier books, I was hugely excited about sharing my findings, believing I could help thousands, even millions, go raw. I was adamant. Insistent.

I had bigger objectives back then. Wanted to change the whole world. Really thought I could. Yes, for a time I probably did seek "converts." But that desire faded fairly quickly. I learned only to share with the ones who were ready, who "stumbled" onto my website or signed up for my newsletter. That is why this ebook will only be available in our online store and not on Amazon.

I'm wiser now. Less critical. More accepting. More aware of the reasons people slide back into cooked foods. More understanding about reluctance.

The benefits of following the raw food lifestyle are far reaching—some of them "mind-blowing." But some tough trade-offs are inevitable. For some people, it will not be difficult to give up conventional eating. For others, it will be too distressing, perhaps not even worth doing.

This ebook will especially benefit two types of people…

The first kind: those just beginning to experiment with raw foods. It will help you to consider honestly whether a totally raw lifestyle is for you.

The second: those who've been mostly or entirely on raw foods for a number of years. This book will help you see the bigger picture—a bird's-eye view of what can happen to you in 20 years of 100% raw. Here you'll find some new tips and suggestions that have come to me over the course of this 20-year journey.

The ebook is currently in its formatting stage and will be available in three popular formats: PDF, Epub and Mobi/Kindle. Stay tuned for my upcoming Facebook and newsletter announcements.

The Best Time to Eat for Weight Loss

For more than ten years I've been keeping my mealtimes within an eight hour window—the early eight hours—of my 24-hour day. I called it Quantum Eating.

Now, science is catching up. This is evident in a new study called Time-Restricted Feeding Is a Preventative and Therapeutic Intervention against Diverse Nutritional Challenges. TRF for short. The restriction is not primarily how much we eat during the day, but more importantly when we eat it. The evidence is mounting rapidly: The time we choose to eat is an important factor in regulating weight, in the long-term. Continue reading about The Best Time to Eat.