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RAW: Your Biggest Questions Answered

12 of the world's leading raw food experts ... The biggest questions regarding the raw diet and lifestyle ... Together in one book for the first time ...

The Fresh Network folks (the same ones that publish the excellent Get Fresh! quarterly) have just released a new E-Book: ? Raw: Your Biggest Questions Answered. I was proud to be included as one of the contributors to this E-Book alongside such raw food pioneers as Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Graham and others.

I believe in taking a creative approach to health. This ebook has a plethora of innovative ideas towards possible solutions for your health challenges. You can download your copy right now.

To learn more about  and purchase this new release, click here.

NOTE ABOUT PURCHASING THE E-BOOK: Please note that the E-Book is sold directly by the Fresh Network. When you click the link you will be redirected to their site. After adding the E-book to your shopping cart, click "checkout." Then, when prompted, if you do not see your country you need to select "None of the Above" under "Select Invoice Location"

100 Days to 100% Raw

A Step By Step Guide

The Experts Answer Challenging Questions About the Raw Food Lifestyle, Including:

*Do the enzymes in raw foods really help to digest those foods?
*Is the “metabolic typing” theory correct?
*Can we thrive on fewer calories on an optimal raw diet?
*What's the best way to handle “emotional detox”?
*Are cacao and agave really raw?
*Are colonics either healthy or necessary?
*Water fasting versus juice fasting: which is most effective and why?
*What are the 10 factors most important to health?
*A raw diet: good or bad for your sex life?
*Raising raw children: do they need supplements?
*Is it necessary to be 100% raw?
*And many more ...

The Experts:
*Elaine Bruce
*Dr. Brian Clement
*Dao Earl
*Dr. Douglas Graham
*Thomas Lodi, M.D.
*Paul Nison
*Holly Paige
*Fredereic Patenaude
*Natalia Rose
*Jasmine Scalesciani
*Tonya Zavasta

The Chapters:

1. Questioning the raw diet
2. Questioning the vegan diet
3. How much fruit is too much?
4. Are grains a health food?
5. Cacao and sweeteners
6. Salt: harmful or essential?
7. Juicing
8. Blending
9. What to eat and how much
10. Water
11. Cleansing and detox
12. Supplements
13. Raising children raw
14. Going raw, staying raw
15. Holistic health
16. Other frequently asked questions
17-28. The panelist interviews

Quantum Eating

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Review by Kelli Haines:

In five minutes and with the click of a few buttons, my computer screen is graced with a copy of the Fresh Network's brand new e-book "? Raw: Your Biggest Questions Answered (By 12 of the world's leading experts)." And yes, they are the biggest most common and important questions that people are asking today, to the tune of 277 pages packed full of invaluable information.

The 12 panelists that were chosen are an impressive array of well respected raw food experts coming from diverse backgrounds and methods of living and practicing the raw food diet. This e-book is perfect for everyone from the novice to the veteran raw foodist and covers an extensive range of subjects from juicing to superfoods to fruitarianism to raising children. Come to think of it, I don't know what isn't covered. This book would also be terrific to give to skeptical friends or family when you don't feel equipped or willing to do any defending, explaining or convincing.

I found the format especially reader-friendly because of the way they laid it out. The questions are listed in each section and then the answers are given from all the panelists under the question, so there's no need to search around under each panelist's profile for their answers. They are all in one place. By taking what can often be confusing or controversial questions and sometimes conflicting answers and delineating them in this way, you easily see the basic underlying truths and fundamentals of what each person is saying and you are also more aware of the points on which they all agree.

Whereas you would assume that you would be reading a bunch of opinions that don't agree and walk away more confused than ever, that is not the case at all. Quite the contrary; you come away with a much more balanced and profound understanding of these various subjects with possibly some new and completely unexpected new insights. At the end of the sections they also have a little box that tells you 'in a nutshell' a quick summary of where the panelists stand on each subject, broken down into ratios. For those who are interested in a quick glance at what the majority says on any given subject, this is ingenius!

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The Miracle of Raw Foods

Also, I felt that by the time the reader gets done going through all of the answers to a particular question, they are armed with all the information they need from a variety of angles to make their own well informed decisions regarding their current dietary needs. While the one-size-fits-all dietary dogma has been found sorely lacking, the healing, cleansing power of the raw foods diet is gaining momentum. Consequently, this information couldn't have come at a better time.

I find this ebook a priceless addition to my library (even if it is only on the screen). I already know I will be referring to it often. Every possible raw food question I have is covered in great detail and some of the answers will astound you.

By accessing the expertise and wisdom of a variety of raw food leaders who sometimes do and sometimes don't agree on all the finer details of the raw food lifestyle, the reader gets a balanced and well rounded view to the answers to some very important questions from some very special people who know what they are talking about and have spent years arriving at these conclusions. You can't just go down to a local health provider and find out this information. And now we can have it at our fingertips thanks to the dedicated efforts of Sarah Best and the Get Fresh! staff, along with the caring and devoted raw food experts who generously gave of their time and knowledge.

I hope that all who read this book will find their diets as balanced and nourishing as are these answers to raw foodists' most pressing questions. - Kelli Haines