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Want to Look Good in Your 60s? Do These 6 Things Now!

Published: (June, 2019)

Want to Look Good in Your 60s? Do These 6 Things Now!

1. Want to Look Good in Your 60s? Do These 6 Things Now!

It happens all the time: You see a good physique, then a woman turns around and you recoil… her face looks decades older.
It’s a common opinion that you can have only one or the other—a youthful figure or a youthful face, never both. But if you follow these six practices, you’ll stand out among your peers and the onlookers won’t believe your age.

Diet… exercise… Sure, they are the obvious. I’ll assume you are already doing those. Here are the other six practices you must follow in order to keep looking youthful in your 50s, 60s and beyond:


1. Sleep on your back

Wrinkles mostly happen at night, while you sleep. If you fold and crease a piece of paper, then smooth it out, the crease will still be visible. The skin is more forgiving, but not by much! If you keep folding your skin against your pillow night after night, those folds will get deeper and deeper.

If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you’ll create some very ugly creases. Train yourself to sleep on your back. You can do it. Whatever you impose on your body, it will comply. It will obey you. Just keep trying. After a week or two, you’ll become a confirmed back sleeper.

2. Raw foods

Cooked food is to blame for premature aging. After 20 years on raw, I believe in this fact wholeheartedly. Imprint it on your mind. If 100% raw is impossible, just try to eat your food in unprocessed form as much as possible. If you do eat cooked food, then make sure you detox regularly and be sure to activate the autophagy process in your body. See this article: Autophagy Diet for Anti-Aging.

3. Dry brushing

Many people complain about dry skin. The truth is, you have dry skin because you haven’t been exfoliating it daily. With age, your skin’s turnover time slows considerably. If you’re not helping your skin, it’s going to be dry. It comes down to this: Dry brushing, or dry skin.

Now, let us assume you’re about 50 years old and you’ve never exfoliated seriously. Let’s also assume I’ve convinced you to start. Now your skin is shedding, and you see tons of dead cells coming off. There seems to be no end, and you shoot me an email: Tonya, what happened? My skin is flaking like crazy. Now it looks drier than ever…  

Don’t panic. What did you expect? Your skin is not used to exfoliation. It will take time for your skin to get accustomed to a new, faster renewal cycle. It might take weeks for flakes to diminish or go away. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded. I never see flakes anymore. Never again neglect your skin. Daily exfoliation is your ticket to a lovely complexion! More in Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion.

4. Cupping

No, it won’t stretch your skin. If it did, I’d have facial skin drooping to my knees. In truth, cupping will tighten and firm your skin. People who tell you that cupping can damage your face must not want you to have a beautiful complexion. More in Cupping Therapy Benefits and in Facial Cupping.

5. Anti-wrinkle patches

Think of them as if you are applying a steam iron over your creases and wrinkles. Like it or not, we do take our worries to bed, and they keep our faces tensed. Used overnight, these patches smooth out the creases you’ve caused during the day and prevent you from frowning and making worried expressions during the night. This practice will make a huge difference in preventing wrinkle formation. 

6. Masquing

You need to use a masque that’s appropriate for your face.
A customer wrote: I used your Acti-Mask for 5 min and for some reason after I washed it off, my face looked… sunburn red. Never had anything like that from the other mask [GlaciClear] sold on this site.

My answer: My facial masks have different strengths. Green Clay is the gentlest for beginners. GlaciClear is intermediate. Acti-Mask is quite advanced. It’s crucial that you use the mask appropriate to your skin. The mask you chose must match the state of your skin on any given day.

When new blood rushes to the surface of your skin, the skin reddens. This is quite natural. Now observe: How fast does your skin recover? That redness should be gone within five minutes. If it lingers beyond that, reduce the time you keep the masque on, but don’t stop! Rather, build up gradually. Your skin will get stronger and will start to recover faster.

The Acti-Mask I developed with my own skin in mind. Because my skin is highly accustomed to facial masks, I aspired to have an advanced version. I too experience some redness for a few minutes or so, but afterward, my skin looks extra smooth, firm, and pore-less. You'll get the same effect, but you need to come to this stage gradually.

2. Crepey Skin...What Can You Do?

Here’s an email I received: I’ve read your articles [on crepey skin.] However [they say] at the end that “when it comes to crepey skin, prevention is key” and [talk about] “good preventative measures”, etc.  However, my concern is that I am now past all those “preventative” stages at 65 with crepey skin. I don’t smoke, drink or [indulge] any other bad habits. I’ve quit sugar and wheat and drink lots of good spring water during the day. I have converted to raw foods and love this, but feel I need other ‘desperate measures’ to reverse this condition.

My correspondent is doing all the right things, yet she still feels it’s not enough. It’s true that the earlier you start some “beauty” measures, the better you’ll look later in life. But does it mean if you are in your 50s or 60s, you missed the boat? Of course not! It’s never too late to be preventative. Those 6 practices I described earlier are your ‘desperate measures.’ They will make a difference whether you are 15 or 95!

You do want to live a long life, don’t you?  Remember: what you do in your 50s and 60s is prevention for your 80s and 90s. As a woman, whatever your age, you’ll always want to look good. And the best advice for those who haven’t started yet is always… Start now. More in this article: How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin Naturally.

I hear the moans. I have no time for all that… Well, I’ve got to get tough with you. The simple fact is, if you want to look good in your 60s and beyond, you’ll have to find time now.