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Which Facial Mask Should You Use?

In total, we offer 5 different facial masks. You might wonder why we need so many. The main reason? I love facial masks. I do a facial mask every single day—rain or shine. And if there is a new mineral-packed clay, potent antioxidants, or an innovative marine complex that people are raving about, I want to have it for myself and our customers too.

Another reason? Because it’s good to surprise your skin. I discovered it’s extremely beneficial to rotate your daily facial mask for maximum benefits.

All our masks are different in their main ingredients: Our GlaciClear Masque, Green Essence Kaolin Masque and Acti-Mask Charcoal Facial are clay-based. These are the masks for those of you who have had some experience with regular mask application, with Acti-Mask being more advanced. Each of them has a different clay as a base, so it is good to rotate them every so often.

Clay masks are cleansing and restorative. They will firm and tighten your skin. I recommend that you use a clay mask every morning. It will help you to deal with morning puffiness and the creases that typically appear, even after a good night sleep—more so after a restless night.

Our Mermaid’s Dream Seaweed Masque and BerryBright Antioxidant Masque are cream-based. They are rich in moisturizing oils and herb extracts that soften dry cells for easier removal. These masques are soft and lightweight. 

Here is our list of masks and the effects each has on the skin:

1.    Mermaid’s Dream Seaweed Masque… Who should use it?

•    If you have a sensitive skin.

•    If you are new to daily facial masks, this is the mask to start with.

•    If you had a clay mask in the morning and you need to look especially good in the afternoon, this mask can be used as a second mask that day. Yes, you can do it (I have tried it many times)! However… never use a clay mask twice per day! This is a gentle mask that will abundantly nourish your skin.

Keep it on for 5-10 minutes!

Mermaid's Dream Seaweed Masque

Gives your skin a healthy glow

2.    BerryBright Antioxidant Masque… Who should use it?

•    If you’ve never done serious exfoliation.  

•    If you’re new to daily facial mask application.

•    If you have been masquing daily for quite some time and you need an additional youthening boost, you can use it as a second mask on days when you have a very important date, appointment, or special meeting in the afternoon or evening. Don’t do it every day, but occasionally doing this will give you a great glowing effect.

BerryBright Antioxidant Masque

 Delivers abundance of antioxidants for younger-looking skin

3.    Green Essence Kaolin Facial Masque…Who Should Use it?

•    If you’ve never tried a Clay mask, this is a good mask to start with.

•    If you have been using other clay masks, switch to this one to surprise your skin.

Keep it on for 5-10 minutes.

Green Essence: Kaolin Facial Masque

The best facial mask…from the bounty of land and sea

4.    GlaciClear Masque with Turmeric…Who Should Use it?

•    If blemishes are a concern, try this mask. The presence of turmeric makes it effective for acne.

•    If you have been using other clay masks, switch to this one as an alternate to make sure your skin doesn’t get used to it.

GlaciClear Masque with Turmeric

Ideal for Addressing Skin Blemishes

5.    Acti-Mask Charcoal Facial is our the most advanced mask… Who Should Use it?

•    If you’re very experienced in daily mask application.

•    If your skin needs a deep cleaning and you’ll use it once or twice per week. And keep it on for 1 minute only.

Acti-Mask Charcoal Facial

Deep Cleansing for Achieving Poreless Complexion

We have facial masks for every skin and texture preference. Have fun exploring and trying a different mask every few weeks.