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Answering Your Skincare Questions...20% Off Holiday Sale

Published: (November, 2022)

Answering Your Skincare Questions...20% Off Holiday Sale

What If the Masque Is Too Abrasive for My Skin? 

I do like the effect after this mask [BerryBright Antioxidant Masque] , the face looks brighter and fresher, but I would like the scrubbing grains to be smaller, it's a little too abrasive to my skin on the face, otherwise a small amount of the mask is enough to treat your face :) 

Your choice should depend on the state of your skin. One central concern: How much exfoliation will your skin take?

I suggest a daily masque application. If you follow my advice, what’s too abrasive for your skin today won’t be enough in four or five weeks. For example, this BerryBright Antioxidant Masque is way too gentle for my face now since I’m quite accustomed to vigorous daily exfoliation.

We offer five different facial masques. Find the masque that fits your need today, then try a different one in four to eight weeks. Try using Green Essence: Kaolin Facial Masque every day for two months, then try BerryBright again—you might find it to be just right. In another six months, you might be ready for Acti-Mask: Active Charcoal Facial, the most advanced masque we offer.

I use this one almost every day, and it gives me great results. But a person who didn’t have years of skin training might find it too harsh. It’s all about finding the right facial masque for your current skin needs, then the one to graduate to when you’re ready. More information in Which Facial Mask Should You Use?

Question: How Often Should I Brush My Face?

The amazing effect of dry brushing depends on two things: irritation and adapting to that irritation. These are the very two qualities that differentiate a living entity from nonliving matter.

Your body adapts to its environment and the situations it is exposed to daily. The greater the adaptability, the more successful the organism. Raw foods accentuate your body’s (your skin in particular) adaptability to a greater degree.

Overdoing anything is never good. You should brush only as much as your skin can take. At first, it might be just three times per week. Later, once per day.

Beauty Routine...In What Order?

Email: A few months ago, I got a new facial brush, a new Strigil, and the RejuvaCup, which I had never used before. I used them all at once and was too aggressive. I got skin irritation, blemishes, etc. I backed off, then simply started with the Strigil, which seems to be working fine.

I have to say I’m already pleased with the results. I do this twice a day, morning and evening, for about two minutes.

I now want to add facial brushing and the RejuvaCup. My question is: in what order? Can you give some guidelines for building up use of the RejuvaCup? Would I use it before or after the Strigil and facial brush?  

My answer: First, I applaud you for your dedication to skincare. However, please don't try to use all these products on the same day. As you’ve already noticed, they are good practices. But it is easy to overdo them if you try to do them on the same day. And it takes up a lot of time.

Skin responds very well when these practices are varied. Your skin adapts to a certain practice, and in time it might stop responding to it as effectively as it did in the beginning. So, you need to alternate practices. For example, I use RejuvaCup HD in the morning, and a dry brush or Strigil before going to bed. I would not use them all in one sitting.

Let’s say, you want to start a new practice of facial cupping. Then it would be wise for a few days to do nothing else. Observe how your skin reacts. Once it gets accustomed to cupping, only then should you add something else, one practice at a time. Don’t rush! Respect the time your skin needs to recover. If you do, in time your skin will learn to recover faster. Always…gentle skin care.

Featured Product: RejuvaCup HD

World calamities…your own struggles, large and small. They create worries, fears, upsets, and aggravations. Every negative emotion will tense specific muscles on your face.

The most common emotions over your lifetime will inscribe a story on your face. For most, the story is negative. The faces of older people we see every day confirm this. The face of even a kind person, if they worry often, can start to look unfriendly, disagreeable, even angry.

Do seek to quiet your mind through meditation. Use positive affirmation. But as well, make sure that every morning you release the muscles you’ve tensed during the day and night before. Cupping massage does this best. And our RejuvaCup and RejuvaCupHD are excellent products for this job.

Facial tensions left unreleased today will become tomorrow’s wrinkles and creases. Sometimes, we can’t control our emotions. But we can take total control of whether they’ll leave their imprint on our faces.

My books and beauty products can help you to feel and look youthful for years to come. I hope you'll consider them for your holiday presents.