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Cold Weather Skincare Tips

Published: (November, 2014)

Cold Weather Skincare Tips

Do You Know How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in Cold Weather?

Cold Weather Skincare Tips

Cold weather can play havoc with your beauty regimen, leaving you with dry, flaky skin. But you don’t have to live on an ice floe to worry about that—any colder-than-usual weather can do the same. Here are my top four cold-weather skincare pointers…​

One...It’s time! The very first day you turn on the heat for autumn’s cold weather, you start drying your skin. Tip…Turn that heater to a lower setting before going to bed. You’ll sleep better…the lower setting will be easier on your skin…and you’ll save some household heating energy and dollars! If you have a humidifier, dig it out and run it in your bedroom a couple of hours before bedtime. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

Two…Moisturize more! And make sure your moisturizer meets the specific requirements of cold weather. If you’re using a water-based moisturizer, be sure it contains effective humectants—ingredients that hold onto water—to lock moisture within your skin. This is doubly important when you’re over forty. Examples of humectant ingredients used in facial creams are glycerin, propylene glycol and hyaluronic acid.

An even better example: Aquaxyl™—the special blend of humectants I add to my Glow Facial Cream and the Advanced Age-Defying Serum. Aquaxyl™ creates a barrier that helps protect your skin. It keeps dryness out and holds moisture in, working to keep your skin hydrated, so it stays soft, bright, and dewy.

Another option: Use oil-based cream rather than water-based. Oils form a protective layer on the skin that helps it retain more moisture. 

Three…Hydrate from within. Here and there on the internet, an occasional dermatologist or cosmetologist is catching up with what I’ve been saying for years. We used to be told: Drink water. But drinking plain water, I’ve been preaching, isn’t the best way hydrate your skin. Says one of the web’s catch-up artists, “I see clients at [my] spa who drink their 10 to 12 glasses of water a day and still have super-dry skin. [Water] just doesn't do that much.”

So what does work? Simple: Be sure you enjoy fresh-squeezed vegetable juice regularly (ideally daily!), eat raw foods, and cut out processed foods as much as you can.

Four… Eat more foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These limit water loss in skin cells. There are three important omega-3 fatty acids:

  • ALA—alpha-linolenic acid, found in a wide range of foods
  • EPA—eicosapentaenoic acid, mainly found in fish
  • DHA—docosahexaenoic acid, found in fish and seaweed

What if you don’t eat fish? You can get good amounts of the short-chained ALA in flaxseeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, and leafy greens. 

What about the other two: EPA and DHA? They are “conditionally essential” fatty acids. The healthy body makes them from ALA, but you may need to take in EPA and DHA directly because of inefficient conversion from ALA or because you’re getting insufficient ALA. It’s best to be sure you’re getting the right omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Your best bet there: raw hemp seed.

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