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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Published: (June, 2017)

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Are you washing your hair too often?

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sisi (see her picture above), was one of the most beautiful women of her time. Her lovely hair, once unfastened, reached the floor. I came across the letters of her hairdresser, Franziska Feifalik, where she mentions that the empress’s hair had to be washed every three weeks. Wikipedia, however, "corrected" it and made it every "two" weeks, probably because somebody thought it was totally inconceivable that anyone could go on so long without washing her hair.

Most of us are compulsive daily hair washers. I once suggested to one of my correspondents that she only wash her hair about every three days. She got upset: How could I? I’m an executive. I have to wash my hair daily. Anything less would be indecent!!! My hair would look limp, flat, dirty…

There’s a lot I can encourage my readers to do. But backing off from daily or near-daily hair washing—for women, especially—is a tough one. So, how often should you wash your hair? Read my new article How Often Should You Wash Your Hair.

How to Re-Grow Full and Healthy Hair

You are what you eat. Even truer: Your hair is what you eat. Your hair encodes your past eating patterns. Make any significant diet change, and your hair will change, too. You’ll even see through demarcation lines along a strand of hair, where your diet changed. Try a more drastic change—like switching to 100% raw foods—and your hair will change drastically. Sometimes, a change is so big the body decides it’s easier to drop the old strand altogether and start over. Don’t panic! Not all strands will do it at the same time—just some. Expect a gradual replacement of hair as your body cleanses.

I went through this process. You can make it almost unnoticeable, easily manageable, if you care diligently for your hair during the transition. Don’t cry over lost hair. It’s time now to care for new hair that’s on its way. Here are some ideas to help! Read more in Re-Growing Beautiful Hair on Raw Foods


The Anti-Aging Benefits of Pomegranates

The favorite fruit! In season, I'll eat two or three a day. Here's our own pomegranate tree, blooming in lovely red flowers. Read my new article Pomegranates and Their Anti-Aging Benefits.