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How You Sleep is How You Age

Published: (May, 2016)

How You Sleep is How You Age

Do You Sleep in the Best Position?

Cruise the internet using the search string "best sleeping position" or something of the sort, and you'll find this picture...a lovely young woman sleeping on her stomach and sleeping high on a pile of pillows.

What's wrong with this picture?

There's little agreement among experts on the best sleeping position, save this one nearly universal admonition: NOT on your stomach! The two remaining options: on your back...on your side. More information in this article: What is the Best Way to Sleep?.

If you have breathing problems, you have no choice: Sleep on your side.

I also didn't have a choice, but for quite other reason. I was born with hip issues. My hips were Surgery City, over and over. I was never able to sleep on my side, only on my back.

Until, that is...I didn't sleep on my back. One night I turned in my sleep and woke up realizing I'd felt no discomfort at all—in my hips or anywhere else—sleeping side-wise. 

Hmm... Not bad, I thought. Then I looked in the mirror.

Yikes! My face was all creased and puffed up. I thought I'd ruined my face. But I applied my usual masque, used my roller, and did an ice-cubes facial. Relief! Normal again.

I've learned my lesson. I've always known better than to sleep on my side or my stomach. Now I'm convinced. I see one major reason for eye bags, puffiness and under eye wrinkles: If you're over 40 and you try to imitate the sleeping position of this young girl in our picture, you'll be committing quite an assault on your own good looks.

Many people every morning wake up with creases and puffiness on their faces and think it's normal. It's not.

A longtime massage therapist I know says he can always tell the predominant sleeping side of each patient. The skeleton gets misaligned. The older the patient, the more obvious the distortions. Well, likewise, I can often tell just by looking at a person's face which side she usually sleeps on.

Do you have eye bags and creases around your eyes? I'll wager you're sleeping on your side or, even worse, on your stomach. It's gravity. Sleep on your side or your tummy, and all your body fluids get lodged under your facial skin. Add in the creases due to folds and you'll awaken with a distorted face. Do it every day and it is there on your face, threatening to become permanent.

Sure, it's not easy to change your favorite sleeping position. Old habits die hard. But you can do it. And you'll be glad of the results.

Sleep and beauty are connected. Deeply. What you do and don't do, before, during, and after your sleep, will make a real difference in how you look in your 40s and, especially, your 50s. Learn more about this and other Beauty Sleep Essentials in this article.

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