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Airplane Travel and Your Skin

Airplane travel is the fastest way to reach many destinations. I’m often asked: Can you share some health and beauty tips for someone who often takes long-haul flights? I drink tons of water in-flight. My skin still gets very dehydrated and I get eye bags!  

The fact is, flying is bad for your skin, especially when you’re over 40. Consider the environment… very low humidity, recycled air, chemicals in abundance, and temperature fluctuation. Just imagine what it’s doing to your skin! This science fiction environment practically sucks the moisture out of you, dehydrates you to the bone, and cracks your lips. On top of that, all the sitting results in fluid retention in your ankles, gives you stiff joints, and causes puffiness in your face and hands.

Very low humidity… Humidity is good for your skin. On the ground, ambient humidity usually runs 40 to 70 percent. In an aircraft cabin, it’s about 20 percent.

Then there’s radiation… Suppose you took a Geiger counter with you on your next flight. Which, by the wayW, I don’t recommend. Imagine trying to get it past those guys at the gate. The questions. The search. Anyway… The dial would zoom up as the plane got near cruising altitude. Reason: cosmic radiation. It comes through you all the time, from outer space, and creates free radicals.

The sun’s UVA rays get more harmful at high altitude. If you’re sitting by the window, keep the blinds down.

So what else can you do to curb these negative effects on your body in general, and skin in particular?

These steps will help

▪    During flights, eat plenty of juicy, fresh fruit (they work better than water). I prefer eating nothing but juicy fruit during the flight. On some longer flights, you can order a fruit plate when you make your flight reservations. To my surprise, on my last flight, the fruits were delicious and of good quality. A fruit-only flight will be more comfortable and will help you avoid the puffiness that most people suffer.

▪    Avoid salty snacks and drinks. They dehydrate you.


Bamboo charcoal under-eye care for smoothing.

▪    Before your flight, dry brush your skin and moisturize lavishly. If you can, avoid wearing makeup during your flight.

▪    Well before landing, attach my new charcoal under-eye liners for at least for 20 minutes. These will visibly reduce the look of eye bags and creases. Yes, I know, these blackish patches will look odd to your seat-neighbor, but your face will look fresh and smooth for the people waiting for your arrival. You choose who matters more!

▪    Before you land, gently apply some oil and use my RejuvaCup for 3-5 minutes. Then wipe away the access oil. Apply makeup, if you wish. This will help you to look fresh and glowing on arrival and face the people you’ll meet with confidence.

What else you should do?

Okay, you’ve survived a flight. But understand preventing dehydration and eye puffiness goes much deeper than these few tips. It’s not just about external measures. These unpleasant beauty robbers must be addressed from within. More information at: Puffy Eyes Causes and Solutions.

In your daily life, look after three basics, and you won’t have to worry so much about the effects of a mere airline flight...

▪    Sleeping on your back. More in What is the Best Way to Sleep?

▪    Eating mostly (or exclusively) raw foods. More in Waterful Raw Food Diet

▪    No late-night eating or drinking. More in Raw Foods: No Eating at Night