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New Year Resolutions New Beautiful You

As we welcome a brand new year, now is the time to sit back and take stock of our health. It’s a time to decide where we want to go, and what we need to do to get there. Some make New Year's Resolutions, others simply set goals for the year ahead.

While the goal of the raw food journey is to become our true bodily selves, the only way to accomplish this is to let go of who we are not. The body potentially 'has' several versions simultaneously without completely realizing any of them, and then one version materializes as a result of your eating choices.

When you are adopting the raw food lifestyle, two opposing processes are at work in your body: the old you is leaving, kicking and screaming, and the new you is growing, rejoicing and getting more confident. Rawsome beauty must be conceived biologically, so to speak, and not intellectually. It has to de deep inside every cell. When you have Rawsome beauty, you realize that nothing you ever do could possibly improve what you already have.

The journey toward Rawsome beauty is not a struggle; it is an adventure. It begins with accepting your body as it is. Acceptance must precede action. Self-acceptance is a starting point which makes positive changes possible. It doesn't mean succumbing to our illnesses, bad habits, and premature aging. On the contrary, self-acceptance involves loving ourselves enough to accept sober truths about our current state of health and appearance.

By embracing your right to be healthy and beautiful, by discovering the powerful self-confidence that comes from knowing yourself, this lifestyle will make it clear to you who you are, what you're here to do, and why it's important. Not only your body, but your values, your perspectives, and your aspirations will change.

Let the raw food lifestyle facilitate a body makeover for you. Let yourself dream. Go ahead--dream about just how you want to look. Let your mind run free. Your dreams don't even have to be realistic. What's important is that your dreams present clear images of what you want. To lure anything into existence, you must begin with thought--clear thoughts--and then create an intense desire for them that will make them come true.

Once you have control of your body and your aging process by adopting completely the raw foods lifestyle, you will realize that the raw foods diet, and Quantum Eating in particular, is not just about eating, not just about staying youthful, but goes much deeper. Quantum Eating can be the beginning of a whole new experience. It snaps you out of the dull, debilitating habit of waiting for your life to begin.

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth

Now is the time to begin! If you haven't already done so, read "100 Days to 100% Raw" for step by step instruction on switching to the raw food diet and lifestyle. 
The world is your is up to you to harvest the pearls.