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Regeneration: Your Skin's Superpower

Published: (November, 2021)

Regeneration: Your Skin's Superpower

1. Miracle Products...Do They Exist?

Here's an email I received recently:

Do you have any gadget that’s especially good (and fast) at resolving those droopy mouth lines? A good smile and tightening skin around the mouth and the lower half of the face is important—otherwise, people will think you look upset due to your droopy mouth. Facial exercises are good, but not fast enough to cure the problem.

Regretfully I receive such emails way too often. Instead of "droopy mouth lines" there might be other wrinkles of concern, but the main idea remains the same... people are looking for a miracle gadget that will work "especially good and fast."

Oh, how I wish there were such gadgets! Aging is a tough opponent. Often in our younger years, we underestimate its effects. We somehow believe that when we need it, an amazing gadget will magically appear and help us deal with the unpleasant changes that come with age.

My advice: Don’t ever presume there’s going to be a magical or high-tech cure that will quickly solve your aging-related issues. That presumption is pure fantasy. Indulge it, and you’re doing your health and beauty no favors. Real health and real beauty—these take consistent work on your part. And by the way, don't waste your time searching my website—I have no such wonder gadgets either.

The challenges and the changes that come with aging are huge... and they get bigger every day. But if you're willing to do some work daily — I repeat: daily — your results will be impressive. The main thing that diligence brings? Contentment. You’ll be able to say I've done my part, and you’ll more easily accept the coming changes as a blessing, marking the privilege of reaching your age while still feeling and looking healthy and beautiful.

You should always remember that to look beautiful at any age, you must first believe in your own attractiveness. That belief doesn’t come from some ephemeral gadget. Rather, it comes from trusting in your body—especially in your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and restore health and youthfulness, given good care.

2. Your Skin's Superpowers

Regeneration is your skin’s superpower—the amazing ability to regenerate itself. New research shows that your facial skin is filled with blood vessels that enrich with blood 5 times better, faster, and fuller than the skin of the body.

Oxygen, moisture, proteins, ferments, and immune cells all act as "super fertilizers" to our facial skin. These ensure that our facial skin has an unequalled ability to regenerate itself.

The blood vessels of the face, compared with those of other body parts, have thicker walls made of connective and muscular tissue. This makes our facial blood vessels better equipped to endure physical effects, more responsive to pressure from muscle spasms, and more resistant to deterioration.

Our facial skin is capable of taking on a glowing effect. Key processes happen twice as fast here as elsewhere in the body. New cells are filled with keratin, and the closer they are positioned to each other, the better they shine (because they reflect light).

Facial skin is capable of producing a high level of hydration. Skin sebum maintains water balance in the skin and allows it to hold water. This helps make the skin soft and smooth and prevents it from drying out.

Still your facial skin needs your help to activate its superpowers!

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