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Sixty and Beyond...Do It Right...Do It Smart

Published: (March, 2021)

Sixty and Beyond...Do It Right...Do It Smart

How Does It Feel to Be 60+?

Remember high school? In every class there was that one girl who got the most attention. The prettiest, the most popular, and everyone wanted to be in her circle. I was the unpopular one. Way outside that pretty girl’s circle.

Well, it’s reversed for me now. At 63, I do get a lot of attention: What a lovely complexion you have! What’s your secret? How do you stay so trim?

Do I show signs of aging? Sure, I do. That is what makes it so interesting. People know I’m way past 50. Even still, everybody wants to know my “secret.” Why? Because what people see in me is health. It is startling to see glowing health in a mature woman. It’s so unusual, in fact, that people think about it in terms of beauty rather than health.

If you haven’t been considered beautiful in your younger years, take is your chance! Beauty after 40 is health-dependent. Being internal in origin, beauty reaches down for the resources only health can provide.

Here's a question I received recently on my Instagram account:

Hi Tonya,
I noticed that other women who claim to be raw don't look anywhere near as beautiful or healthy as you. Why is that? Is it because you eat a different type of raw or because you stop eating by 2 pm?

I have been on the Quantum Eating plan — my version of intermittent fasting – since 2005. In this plan, you eat during an 8-hour period and then you fast for 16 hours. Numerous scientific studies have proven that intermittent fasting, when done correctly, can have powerful benefits for your body and your brain.

My Quantum Eating plan is definitely responsible for the fact that I do not have any of the usual signs of aging in terms of bulges and other "extras" on my body that typically appear after 50 (in some cases, as early as 40). My 30 years' old daughter-in-law was asking me how I was able to keep my 26-inch waist throughout all these years.

For optimal health, beauty, and anti-aging results, I believe that following some version of intermittent fasting is even more important than being 100% raw. To find out more, check out my book, Quantum Eating.

There is another factor to consider. Most raw foodists are outdoor types. They like to spend their time hiking, camping, cycling, running, playing sports, and so on. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, forget to protect your skin from the elements, and neglect your skincare, it won’t matter how sound your diet is… sooner or later you’ll look prematurely older.

When I spend time outdoors, it’s early in the day. I’m careful to wear a hat and minimize direct sun exposure on my face.

2. Aging and Your Expectations

As far back as I can recall, I always wanted to dance. But in my younger years, even walking was a challenge… so dancing was out of the question throughout my life.

Numerous hip surgeries in childhood had seen to that, and my husband wasn’t the dancing type, anyway.

When my son reached an age where he could dance with his mom, I had another round of surgeries including bilateral hip replacement. This so tightly limited my range of motion that, once again, dancing eluded me.

Endless hours of painful physical therapy to get rid of my limp and increase the flexibility in my hips have now brought me encouraging results. Finally, dancing looks like it just might happen! Plus, I have a perfect dancing partner growing up before me… my grandson Nick (yes—husband, son, grandson are all Nicks!). This little guy will soon be six. He loves to dance and improvise, so I still have a few years to learn.

Make no mistake, I’m not only going to dance… I’m determined to get good! I’ll not settle for a nursing home version. So it’s important for me to look youthful at 70 and beyond when young Nick will be grown up enough to dance with me.

It's paramount to have a dream or a goal, especially in your older years. In my case, I believe having such a lofty dream contributed greatly to my body looking and feeling youthful. It's like my mind is continuously sending my body a message:  You better be ready. You're going to dance! And my body is listening. What thoughts are you sending to your body?

Twenty years ago I started writing my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful. I said things there that I believed would happen on raw foods for a person, as she is growing in years. I'm experiencing now those very things. If you’re still in your thirties or forties, read it. You should never be afraid of aging. But you must be prepared. Just get a few steps ahead of it.

You age every day. You must counter the aging process every day. One life-affirming act a day will help overcome the daily tide of aging. Eat well. Be dedicated to your skincare routine. Have a dream. And your 60s will be very enjoyable. More in my book The Quantum Key: Transcending Life's Trials.

Skincare is a vital part of keeping your face looking young and healthy. See my e-book Guide to an Ageless Face. As you enter your adult years, things that you used to get away with will no longer give you leeway. 

Your daily cleansing, exfoliation, stimulation and moisturizing need to become as important as eating healthy foods. And the earlier you begin, the better. You might find this article helpful:  10 Things You Must Do in Your 30’s and 40’s to Ensure Beauty in Your 50’s and 60’s.