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Cleansing Your Energy Field with Raw Foods and Hot Yoga

Testimonial of the Month 
By Marion

Dear Rawsome Beauties and struggling caterpillars. When I began to detox my body via raw foodshot yoga and  dry skin brushing , not only my looks and energy levels improved, but there was something else happening.

I was detoxing the emotions of my past. We all have experienced Joy, Love, but also–unfortunately–a lot of emotional pain. Maybe it was bad relationships, bullying classmates, abusive parents. You do not only accumulate toxic food wastes, you also accumulate the destructive energies of other people you´ve met during your lifetime. Every trauma is recorded in your body and its tissue.

When you begin to cleanse you body you will feel the hurt that has been stored inside of you. You may not remember it consciously but subconsciously it is fully present and it is influencing you at every second in your life. When you start your cleansing, the negative feelings ( anger, disappointment, etc. ) resurface. ( nearly every time I practise yoga or dry skin brushing, I have to cry afterwards)

You will remember every person you have met during your lifetime, and the feelings you have shared with them. The closer the relationship was, the more energy from them you carry within yourself.

Then you let go and the chapter that has been left open in your subconsciousness will be closed forever and you are free. (I have written over 40 letters to all the people who hurt me or have helped me in the past, what a relief!)

After I have emotionally cleaned up several painful relationships, I realized: You just say goodbye, the hurt stays with you. When you clean all this out, it is like it never happened.

Now, at 32 years old and after 17 years (!) of smoking and 10 years of junk food, I have (almost) cleaned my body and my emotions. (When I was 25, I already felt old, lifeless and depressed and my body was rapidly falling apart because of my destructive, irresponsible toxic lifestyle).

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Now, seven years later, I am wrinkle-free and my body, my facial features are now fully relaxed and extremely soft. I am back in my teenage years; people on the street think that I am still going to school and honestly – I look and feel like that. I look better and feel younger than when I was 20, even my athletic capacity is better.

You can reverse what cigarettes, bad relationships, emotional pain and junk food have done to your face, mind and body. Get the dirt and the pain out and you can reboot the system. You can rise up again, beautiful, young, strong and clean. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR HEALTH and BEAUTY.

Marion (Germany)