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Amazingly Healthier and Clearer

I, myself, feel amazingly healthier and clearer from being raw. My brain is not focused on my gut, but where it belongs. Winter is a bit difficult for me, but it has given me time to experiment and play with my dehydrator. Win some, lose some, but that’s how it was and is when I cook for my husband. I still enjoy being in the kitchen. Most of the time I like simplicity. When I do have something cooked with my husband, I totally regret it afterwards.

The only learning experiences I still need are what to replace bananas with (sugar alcohol content too high for me), and most nuts and seeds are too binding (I’ll make almond milk and make almond flour and will use pecans once in a blue moon).  I am determined to figure that out … I am 58 years old, and not ready to grow old.

A. (February, 2012)