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Could Parasites Be Compromising Your Raw Food Success?

Testimonial of the Month from Anna Kaminskaya:

Dear Tonya, I’m prompted to respond to the recent comments of yours replying to people who, for one reason or another, have given up their raw food regimen.

Background … I’m from Russia, aged 40, been on a raw foods diet some two and a half years. Early on, I felt quite inspired. I was surprised by the mental clarity and bright spirit raw foods brought me. My hearing improved. I stopped catching colds. I felt proud of these improvements.

Then I had occasion to attend a party of raw food people. I’d hoped to see beautiful, healthy guests. But reality showed to me just ordinary people, some of them looking downright unhealthy.

Then, despite the benefits I’d already gained, my looks became worse than before I’d ventured onto the raw food diet. I didn’t want to give up this diet, didn’t want, in particular, to give up my good spirits and clarity of mind. Something was wrong—especially the color of my face.

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I read countless books about raw foods. Only one, however, stressed the necessity of cleansing from parasites. I’d believed that raw foods by themselves could rid me of parasites—many raw foods books say so. Nevertheless, I decided to get a bioresonance diagnostic test to determine whether my body was harboring parasites. The results astounded me—a half-page list of various fungal parasites. I found the root of my problems. Perhaps this is also a problem for many others who feel they’re not achieving optimum results from going raw.

I began treatment and it’s working. A few raw sites are starting to mention that going raw does not by itself always rid us of parasites, the fungal ones in particular.

For all our similarities, each person’s body system is also unique. When going raw, some people get immediate and thoroughly positive results. Some take more time. Most experience a mixed bag of results until they achieve a more consistently positive condition. And a few seem to endure disappointment for a good long time before real health embraces them. But the real reason I’m suggesting, for a lack of positive results from raw foods lies in the state of your body at the time you switch to raw.

As for me, I am still continuing parasite treatment, and already have regained a healthy glow in my face and have begun to see more fully than ever before my own natural beauty. Perhaps best of all, my cellulite’s disappeared!

— Anna Kaminskaya

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