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Anti-Aging Practices

Here, I’ve selected the best articles I have on anti-aging—theory and practice both. I’m giving you an overview of steps you can take—interesting practices—to slow and even reverse your own aging. You can feel younger, look younger than you ever thought possible.

Each anti-aging tool or technique I offer you is a stand-alone. You can try just one way to slow down aging process. Or you can combine it with other methods for more effect. Each is a practical step you can decide to take now, after just a little more investigation. Yet every one is a method you could spend a lifetime mastering.

What’s here is extraordinary. Where’s the value in giving you just the standard stuff—the same thing you can read in the women’s magazines at the supermarket? No … When it comes to fighting aging in my own life—and in yours—we have to go beyond convention.

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So be ready to go beyond. Many of these practices aren’t sanctioned by the medical profession. Not to say they’re medically verboten. They’re simply not among the arrows in your doctor’s quiver.

Medical schools fail to teach a host of venerable health-promoting practices. This is not because these practices are unwise, medically. Quite the contrary. It’s just that the medical profession is locked into the old model of pathology and pharmacology—find a disease, prescribe a pill.

The methods I’m describing here are holistic—they take your whole spirit and body into account, your entire health. They’re practical. They work. These practices may look new to you, but they are often quite ancient—often tested through centuries of experiment by dedicated health-seekers. Some will seem downright odd, at first. But often, our anti-aging practices they’re entirely consistent with recent anti-aging scientific research.

Then there’s the matter of cost. You want anti-aging tools you can afford. No fancy equipment. The tools I’m offering you are eminently affordable—some even free. They’re simple … easy to understand … learnable. Doable on your own terms.

There’s not one on the list I haven’t done myself.